Hillary’s March

I didn’t want to go to “Hillary’s March.”

It made me ill. It made me embarrased. The pink hats and the saccharine outrage made me cringe. I hate the “p” word. I don’t care to see genitals swinging around my head (I live next to an apartment building where there is a mural consisting of naked men exposing their penises and I don’t like seeing that either). And I AM more than my vagina (but according to one commentator I’d be “missing the point”). Transwomen would claim the same as I apparently ( but maybe it’s all a bit more complicated than that)…

So….what was the point?

I believe in feminism. I believe women continue to be treated like garbage in our society. I believe there are still negative barriers that ALL women face in regards to economic security, media representation, personal safety, and reproductive rights. I believe the majority of men harbor misogynistic tendencies and thought patterns because our society taught them to be that way since birth. And I believe the majority of the women in the march were sincere.

But it’s been co-opted.

(How typical.)

The origin of my disappointment starts with the mainstream feminist movements’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton and their conflation of her candidacy with female liberation, with liberation in general.

Hillary Clinton has a demonstrated track record of NOT being a feminist (there’s a great book on the subject “False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton”). She has no history of helping down and out women, she has no history of being a populist, she has only a history of being an opportunist who was quite willing to throw other women under the bus in the pursuit of her own advancement.

The DNC conducted a campaign to discredit Bernie Sanders and install Hillary as the nominee of the Democratic Party (not the Russians, SORRY). Democratic supporters were expected to swallow this obvious act of criminality and go along “with her”, even if they didn’t want to.

The woman barely made appearances to rallies and hobnobbed with her wealthy donors. She had no history that stands out to mine or anyone else’s minds of progressive political activism. (Arguing with Hillary supporters, no one could name off the top of their heads what amazingly progressive things she had ever done. )

(During her tenure on the board of Walmart or her fifteen year stint for a corporate law firm (defending corporations), I cannot for the life of me think of what progressive feminist “stuff” she had ever done; I doubt she could either. I had never contemplated voting for her.)

But here came a group of people who were willing to give her the feminist moniker on a silver platter and a free pass on her complete absence of feminist activities. Here was a movement who was willing to lie to make her look better and to demean any opposition with lies and hysteria, whether it was deserved or not.

What was the difference between voting for her as President or voting for a woman who was self-proclaimed right wing?

Was the point to promote the Democratic party, or to promote women?

Or to promote nothing at all because all of this is completely bankrupt?

Because you lost all credibility when you threw Bernie Sanders under the bus?(And not that I even cared that much for him, butI was hurt!)

I became very confused, and Trump started looking better and better…(for reasons I will get into in another article, although obviously, he is not that great, but the point being not deserving of the hysteria).

And then the Hollywood celebrities started coming, people I regularly go to when I need to be told what to think! She started shoving Beyonce and Jay Z and LeBron James down our throats because her platform had no real substance, but “here! Look at the pretty famous people!”

So anyway, given my disappointment with her, and the way liberal feminism bent over backwards to promote her, distorting themselves into a completely unrecognizable form, I realized I was done with the mainstream feminist movement that exists in this country today, and anything they do now, I take with a heavy dose of salt.

And any march where Madonna is taken seriously as a political persona is immediately null and void for me. Her taunting of the Catholic Church in the eighties was not gutsy and her past criticism of Russia for its’ treatment of gay people is ridiculous given she still performs in countries where gays are murdered (like Saudi Arabia) and she didn’t attempt to divest from Russia her chain of HardCandy fitness centers,(of which there are two, one in Moscow and the other in St. Petersburg.)

Basically, when hypocritical celebrities are involved, millionare, disconnected people who “suddenly care”, I smell a rat.

Basically, when opportunistic politicians are involved, (of which there were many from the Democratic party), I smell a rat.

This march was just a further outgrowth of the hypocritical fervor for Hillary and a nicely co-opting container for legitimate feminist rage, and therefore, something that fell by the wayside for me, in the hopes that something greater and more legitimate will one day emerge, if people would stop and listen to nuance and details and think a little.