An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

people in this country love their slavery. the government really doesn’t need an army or police force to enforce its tyranny because the people already love it and beg for more. when i was in my twenties, i had a gaggle of roommates and worked low paying jobs in the service of a dream; my parents also helped me out and this in a city that isn’t a prime destination on anyone’s list and where it is relatively cheap to live. and though these are options that one can employ to survive, they don’t make our current economic situation right. people in america, supposedly the best country in the world, should be able to work a full time job and be able to pay their bills and then some. that’s ANY job, and that’s NOT entitlement (otherwise, what the hell else is a job for?) there are a lot of crazy people (yes, CRAZY) out there who think that it is (i doubt outright slavery would even offend some of your detractors…)

and if being a millenial means being demanding and expecting more, recognizing and believing in your own worth,getting what you’re worth, and demanding a better standard of living, one that doesn’t involve abject suffering and struggle while a handful get to exploit everyone else ( don’t hurt that CEO, he deserves to exploit you all! he worked for it!), be as stuck up as you want! go for it! every generation’s youth are discontented and criticized for it, as they should be, as should anyone with a thinking brain. it’s always the same thing over and over again.


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