Say No

One of the biggest culture (and long-term growth) killers in the agency business is taking on work that the agency simply shouldn’t be doing.

I remember many moments at previous agencies when the agency took on work that we had no business handling. I remember asking, “what’s next, are we going to take out their trash?”

We put new clients/projects against a pretty basic checklist. Here it is (in no order):

  1. Will this lead to an ongoing engagement?
  2. Will we have a chance to do something to prove an aspirational capability (note: you need to have an aspiration/vision to apply this one)?
  3. Will we be able to do work that we can showcase and be proud of?
  4. Will we make money?
  5. Do we want to work with this brand?

If we’re not answering “yes” to at least three if the above, we politely decline.

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