Vision Requisites: Believable AND Compelling

In a previous post, I nodded to our marked transformation over a relatively short period of time.

One of the biggest factors driving this change was our development and commitment to a near term vision.

Our vision is to be THE sought after Atlanta-based agency (for brands and talent) by the end of 2018. We will be a 60 to 75 person team, Dagger will be a household name in Atlanta, and our work will consistently receive national recognition.

Why is this vision so vital to us? A couple key reasons…

We’re all going to the same place, together. I believe in our vision with every fiber of my being and my team knows that. It’s a stretch, but completely attainable. I’ve been in organizations where the vision seemed implausible. Why would anyone work toward an objective if there weren’t a belief they can get there? We try to acknowledge the success along the way that ladder to the vision to reinforce the belief.

It’s compelling. Our work lives at the nexus of creativity and technology. Both of those spaces are in constant motion and it’s exciting. Tech and art are altering consumer behavior at rapid speeds so marketers must always be evolving. Centering our focus on the fast-changing content landscape, we stay away from spaces that are susceptible to commoditization and look to remain fully tapped into the zeitgeist. This gives us a lens to look through as we recruit and hire talent.

Lastly, we try to communicate our vision as often as possible (and still probably not enough). They are not just words that we state. We don’t go through the motion when we talk about vision. We paint a picture of what the agency will be like in our future state, and everyone is encouraged to make their mark.