Dear Diary…

I need to write. It’s been a very long time since I sat down and actually wrote something. Not just anything, mind. Something honest.

I need to scream at someone, to cry real tears, like the one’s I let rip when I hugged my mum and told her thank you for everything. Only problem is my housemates would be really mad if I did that.

Basically I need a place to vent, so hello Medium, my old friend. I’ve been using this website for a while now, and since I have no one else to confide in, well, I’ll tell you.

You see dear reader, I am a privileged white girl going about her dramatic ways, popping pills and having a grand old time being sad. Hey, if I’m going to walk the walk the least I can do is laugh at myself.

So I officially invite you to come along and read my unabashed retellings of life from a student who’s writing career peaked when she won a prayer book for re-writing that part of the bible where Jesus walks for a bit.

For now,