All hail the online retailer

I’ll admit it, I’ve caved. I thought I could hold on for a little longer, but I can’t. That’s right, I’ve given in to the maternity wear.

As it’s my first pregnancy, I have no idea how big I’ll get or how quickly. My mum told me that she didn’t start showing until about 6 months but some women have a bump as early as 12 weeks, so I didn’t want to wake up one morning and suddenly find that I have nothing to wear.

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant, and while there isn’t a lot going on in the bump department, I’ve found that my regular jeans are a little bit on the snug side. And when I say “snug”, I mean I can’t do them up anymore and I’ve been using the rubber band trick ( Long top essential. You’re welcome.

I also find that my bump is bigger in the afternoon/evening (probably due to the copious amounts of Marmite on toast I’ve been scoffing) so even if my jeans fit in the morning, by lunchtime I’d need to sit at my desk with my flies open. Not a great look.

Although the above means I can wear my favourite jeans for a bit longer, I thought it was about time I bought some proper maternity wear. I wear jeans a lot, so that was my natural first step. But how many pairs do I buy? Do I replace all of my jeans with maternity ones, or just get one pair and hope they see me through the next 6 months? Do I go for under-the-bump or over-the-bump? What does that even mean? Shall I stick with my reliable skinnies, or will I want a more relaxed fit? Am I over-thinking this? Will I even care in a couple of months?

After a small amount of faffing about (don’t look at me like that) I decided that the next time I was out shopping, I’d browse for maternity clothes and pick up a few things as and when I saw them. Great plan. But what I hadn’t planned for was the fact that finding decent pregnant-lady clothes isn’t actually that straight forward. Unless you want to look like you’re wearing a hospital gown, a sack or kaftan. Or a combination of all three. One place seemed to think that now you’re pregnant, you want to look frumpy and old-fashioned (clearly “comfort” and “style” are not two things that go together), while another thought it was appropriate to emblazon a t-shirt with Mickey Mouse. Now, I have absolutely nothing against Mr Mouse, but I’m 32. Not 13. So what did I do? I bought shoes. I don’t need a maternity option on those, thank you very much.

I don’t think it’s a big ask to want maternity clothes that are stylish as well as comfortable. I love fashion and I shop often, so I don’t want to become drab and boring just because I’m pregnant (I may feel differently at 39 weeks though — the thought of a sack at that stage is actually quite appealing).

It was at this point that I turned to one of my favourite online retailers — ASOS. I shop here a lot as I love the variety, the prices are reasonable and above all, it’s fashionable. I checked out the maternity section and I was not disappointed — loads of jeans options (yes!), pretty tops, lots of stripes (I love stripes), jackets, dresses and knitwear. And according to the bio, the range is designed to fit from 3 months and will stretch to fit as you grow. A lot of the options are exclusive to the maternity collection too, so you won’t find a non-pregnant lady wearing the same item in a non-pregnant lady range. Winner!

I ordered a few bits and although I trust ASOS, I was still a bit worried that the jeans would be big all over rather than my usual size with room for a bump, or that the tops would just look huge. I had no need to be concerned though, as everything I ordered fitted perfectly. And most importantly, I’m both comfortable AND stylish.

Lots of women suggest that you don’t buy too much when you’re pregnant as you only wear the clothes for a few months — I completely agree, but with a collection this good it’s hard to resist. So far though I’ve been quite restrained (3 pairs of jeans, two tops and a jumper) and I think some of my “normal” clothes will last me a few more months… providing I stop eating as much Marmite on toast I suppose.

But where’s the fun in that?

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