The Raspberry Has Landed

Hello readers! You may or may not have worked it out from the title, but I’m pregnant. 7 weeks pregnant in fact. How weird is it that a little baby (well, embryo) is growing inside me? According to my trusty pregnancy app, he/she (I can’t say “it”) is the size of a raspberry and is doubling in size every week.

Note: I’m not expecting multiple raspberries

Let me introduce myself. I’m 32, married for almost 2 years, home-owner, car-owner, wish-I-was-a-dog-owner. I work in London and commute in from the Outer Hebrides (Hertfordshire) every day (It’s a joy. Really).

The Raspberry is my first baby and I thought I’d start blogging to a) share my journey throughout pregnancy, b) because it’s cathartic to write things down and c) I’m thinking about starting a career in writing so this is good practice.

So what am I going to write about for the next 8-ish months? Well, pregnancy stuff mostly (as that’s pretty much the biggest thing in my life right now, I’ll be honest) but I’m going to chuck in a few other topics every now and again to keep things interesting. Think of the pregnancy bit as a nice, staple meal — like a roast dinner — then just when you’re feeling like you can’t eat anymore and you’re ready for a lie down, someone tempts you with a lemon meringue pie to keep you going.

So, where was I? Ah yes, I’m 7 weeks pregnant and the nausea has just kicked in. Last week I was feeling a bit smug, telling my husband I didn’t have any sickness, then karma came and gave me a swift kick in the pants. Ugh. I haven’t actually thrown up yet but the feeling is always there, just reminding me in case I’ve forgotten. I’ve got my first midwife appointment next week (I usually hate medical appointments but I’m weirdly excited about this) so I hope she’ll give me a few tips and tell me I’m normal-ish.

I also keep forgetting what foods I should avoid — I have to remind myself to check the labels or Google whether something is pasteurised or not (what?) Luckily most of the things on the list are not your standard, every day foods (Camembert and liver for lunch, anyone?) but I’m just not used to it yet. I love my food. Really love it. I’m that person who looks forward to their next meal and plans their day around what they can eat, so having to ask what cheese has been used in a quiche or ask for a burger well-done (seriously, what is the point in a well-done burger?) is all a bit alien to me.

Everyone says you “glow” when you’re pregnant but unless “glowing” means “slightly grey-looking, tired and a spot on your chin so gigantic it’s probably the same size as your embryo” then I’m not buying it. I’m also gassy (excellent), out of breath after walking up the stairs (also excellent) and absolutely exhausted. All. The. Time.

Sorry, I sound like I’m moaning (I am) but being pregnant is pretty amazing. Really amazing, actually. I already can’t wait to meet my little one and I’m genuinely excited for the rest of this journey. Ok, that was a bit cheesy. Sorry, readers.

Anyway, I hope you stick with me for a while and find my blog entertaining in some way (even if you think it’s rubbish, at least it’ll have evoked a feeling of some sort). I’m going to try to write fairly regularly as I’ve challenged myself to do something new and I need to keep the momentum going, so I’ll be here at least once a week.

Thanks for reading my first post, if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to leave me a message (be nice though. Remember I’m a hormonal, emotional pregnant lady).

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