Do-s And Don’t-s When Cleaning A Car

If a woman has her shoes, a man has his car. Some women don’t understand the connection between men and cars, just the way men can’t understand women’s affection towards shoes and soap operas. But sometimes men don’t know how to take proper care of their stuff, so here I have some useful tips for you.
You can take care for the interior and exterior of your car by yourself, but you have to forget about the homemade cleaning solutions for the outside. Make sure you purchase the proper cleaning solutions, I recommend you consult with someone.
Once you purchase all the necessary items and detergents for the exterior, it is time to think about the inside. You can use some homemade solutions for it, but be extra careful.

The Interior

If you are dealing with microfiber upholstery you can even remove it and put it in the washing machine. As for the other types like leather, I recommended gentle approach because this kind of upholstery is sensitive. It is constantly exposed to sunlight and if not treated the proper way, it can become brittle and won’t look good. You can go to any leather store and ask for guidance, because the cleaning and moisturising solutions are different for furniture and car upholstery. The cleaners for plastic parts are also different.
Basically, you have to be really prepared and spend a whole day in order to properly clean the whole car. So let’s start!

1. Get the vacuum and remove any soil and dirt from the inside of your car.
2. Remove the mats and simply wash them, if they are made of water resistant material. In case they are not, you can still wash them, but you have to use some cleaning detergent and the drying time will be longer.
3. Next: the plastic particles — they become clean and shiny again with the help of a detergent.
4. Last but not least: the upholstery — In most cases the stains on it are old and dry which means you have to saturate the area and apply the appropriate cleaning solution in order to remove them.

Baking soda almost always saves the day:
Make a thick paste using water and gently rub it onto the stain.
After about half an hour the paste will dry and you can remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

I don’t recommend you to use commercial cleaning products but in some rare cases when the spots are tough, you will have no other choice. Fortunately, before it comes to this point I tend to rely on the steam cleaner I have at home. So if you have one too, use it. You can add a few drops of essential oil and the upholstery will be not only clean but will also smell wonderful.

The Exterior

Once the interior is done you should close all doors and take care for the exterior. One advice I can give you from personal experience: when you decide to clean the car from the outside, use either soft sponge or cotton rag so you will not scratch the paint. Also make sure you use light cleaning solutions because you can damage the polish. Pay special attention to the chrome parts and make sure you polish them after cleaning.

Of course, not everyone can preform this though cleaning task,especially if there is not enough free time. In that case you can always go to a car wash, or call professional cleaners at your home and get the car perfectly clean. ☺

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