Dear Ms. Motherpuppin'
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Why Do I Like Senior Dogs Better Than Senior Humans?

Dear Ms. Motherpuppin’

As my mother ages and my dog does too, I tend to want to hang out with my senior dog more than my mother. I feel guilty but I was just curious if you could tell me why?

Thank you,

Mother Guilt

Dear Mother Guilt,

I am sorry you feel guilty since in the end your feelings cannot be helped, of course because dogs are just the best, and secondarily because senior humans get beat on three very important criteria which makes hanging with a person or dog fun.

I know this since for a good portion of the year I hang out in Indio, California. Despite being the location of the famed Coachella concert series it is also the hangout of what seems to be the entire aged population of the Western United States. This is fine they have their right to be there I only say this to indicate my expertise in being able to compare senior humans with senior dogs, of which I have one.

I am not bashing senior humans but really just propping up the senior dog as our senior dogs need a PR makeover and it just turned out that this comparison allows me to do just that.

Why Hanging Out With a Senior Dog is Way Better than Hanging Out With a Senior Human

Senior Dog’s Show Forgiveness

How many times have you seen a senior dog that was abused badly yet still happy and filled with gratitude? I have, a lot! On the other hand how many times have you been hanging out with a senior human and been told about some awful thing someone did to them 50 years ago?

Me, I like the Senior dogs approach not only does it make far better company but it frees up space in their soul for more good things to happen.

Senior Dog’s Show Appreciation

When my senior dog has even the most basic needs met she appreciates it. She rubs her head into your hand follows you around, even when she surely would be more comfortable in her bed, and gives unconditional love. When I hold the door for a senior human, help them load groceries into their car nine times out of ten they barely acknowledge my effort and almost give off a — I deserve to be served- juju.

Maybe it is me, since many dog experts do not think that dogs are capable of gratitude but I love it when my senior dog gives me a kind grateful look after he gobbles up an extra soft CBD dog macroon hand made in France.

Dog Keep Learning New Tricks

How many times have you had to fix your senior parents VCR err or anything that begins with an “I”? Yet, have you heard about Chaser? He was dubbed “The Smartest Dog in the World,” at the ripe old senior dog age of 11-years-old (@chaserthebordercollie). Chaser has made appearances on “60 Minutes” and “The Today Show” and hung out with Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer. “I love that despite her physical maturation, she maintains the joy of a 2-month-old puppy. At any age, dogs are magical creatures and forever our babies” says Chaser’s trainer. I bet he was going to say next that he has never had to fix Chaser’s Iphone.

So, in the end I think that your desire to spend quality time with your dog is completely justified and you should kiss the guilt goodbye as Ayn Rand said, “the worst guilt is to accept an unearned guilt.”

Ms. Motherpuppin’



Dear Ms. Motherpuppin'

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