Early Bitcoin Investor Jeffrey Wernick meets PopulStay

2nd of June

Jeffrey Wernick, Ph.D. in Economics and Finance at the University of Chicago, and Quantum Chain Consultant, is said to be the second person in the world to hold Bitcoin and has five digits of Bitcoin.

In addition to being an epic character in this industry, Jeffrey Wernick is also an eyecatcher in the traditional investment industry and is an early investor in Airbnb and Uber.

Jeffrey Wernick told Dr. Wang about his first venture in the 1980s. The company sold for $65 million and made all employees become millionaires.

For blockchain, Jeffrey Wernick said:

The blockchain appeared in 1976, but it is not new at all.
Centralized economy leads to inflation.
Bitcoin+ token can kill all public chains.
Litex is truly decentralized.
Blockchain is all about tokenization.

These words are familiar, such as:

Blockchain is eating the world.
Never a technology is so close to money, even the money itself.
Blockchain is not an industry, blockchain is probably the whole world.

In addition, he also talked about the trend of Bitcoin in the next 5 to 10 years:

Either rise to more than $100,000 or zero.

Dr. Wang asked: Under what circumstances will it be zero? Jeffrey responded: There are two situations. First, the hackers found a major loophole in Bitcoin, falsifying all the data, and making Bitcoin worthless. This situation has been challenged for the past nine years and has failed. Second, all governments have joined forces to suppress bitcoin. For example, if G20 announces that Bitcoin is illegal. However, this is unlikely to happen because some countries have already recognized Bitcoin.

Bao Erye believes that Bitcoin will rise to one million US dollars in the next five years and will never ever fall. He is not actually the first person to put Bitcoin up to $1 million.

Ma Yun believes that in the next 10 to 20 years, the three major technologies will face challenges, machine intelligence, IoT and blockchain, and the blockchain will not be a bubble, but today’s Bitcoin may be a bubble.

In the meeting between Wang Yue and Jeffrey Wernick the two had never stopped chatting for more than two hours. Finally, Jeffrey Wernick gave instructional advice on the PopulStay project. He also worked on the tidal box and quantum chain, and the tidal box project was based on the quantum chain operation. The specific details are being discussed.

It has been shown that the personal charisma of Populstay CEO Wang Yue deeply impressed the currency circle tycoon Jeffrey Wernick. This also shows that Wang Yue possesses the characteristics of Jeffrey’s recognition of people: careful thinking, a sense of responsibility, seriousness, and keeping curiosity.

The quality of the founder is the key factor in determining the success or failure of the project. PopulStay CEO Wang Yue was optimistic about Jeffrey Wernick and received advice and referrals.