One step closer: More than 100 new luxury listings coming soon.

18th of May

Recently, PopulStay Singapore in hand with Easygo Travel Agents came with good news: A total of 103 properties of homeowners from Singapore signed a contract for the upcoming launch of the PopulStay Community.

Everyone knows that Airbnb’s Asian HQ is located in Singapore, and its homestays are constrained by Singapore’s short-term rental policy. The landlord and tenant experience is not as desired.

On traditional platforms, landlords and tenants are not able to communicate directly. Further, bypassing the platform trading means the loss of commission.

PopulStay is based on blockchain technology. Despite providing services offered by the traditional platforms, landlord and tenant can trust each other and directly communicate with each other. The platform is commission-free, and thus truly supports the significance of a sharing economy.

Despite that, PopulStay is also committed to deliver utmost user experience, allowing you to travel to Singapore without worrying about trivial things. PopulStay will provide more and more value-added services to enhance the visitor experience.

The 100 new listings, including apartments and bungalows in Singapore, are fully equipped with basic gymnasiums and open air swimming pools. Great locations, convenient transportation, restaurants, supermarkets and convenient stores are nearby. The most famous attractions are also close by.

Come to Singapore and get the most of your visit with PopulStay!