“Hurricane Zeus” was coming and we needed to ensure digital newsgathering success.

When we were asked to run a session under the title Epic Projects for Epic Newsrooms at the Online News Association’s annual conference, we knew that the best way to convey the work we have done on several projects was to actually take the participants through the same processes.

So, we told the room that a storm was coming and that we were going to set up a collaborative Pop-Up Newsroom to cover this fictional “Hurricane Zeus.” It would focus on social and digital newsgathering, verification and publishing output, and every organisation represented in that session would be a stakeholder.

Building data and supporting journalism around hate crimes and bias incidents in the US is the timely goal of Documenting Hate — a collaboration between ProPublica, First Draft, Meedan, and a host of news organizations and journalism schools.

Our role in the project is to lead the social newsgathering pipeline: working with student journalists to find and verify reports of hate crimes from witnesses, victims or perpetrators that are posted to social networks, and making these reports useful and usable for journalists.

How Might We: find and verify reports of hate incidents for ProPublica?

Pop-Up Newsroom GE2017 was powered by Google NewsLab, Meedan and Dig Deeper and supported by First Draft Partner Network, City University, Krzana and NewsWhip

How we turned a university classroom into a live newsroom creating a unique on-the-job training and innovation experience with real-time social data and content

On 8 June 2017 we invited 28 students from the First Draft Partner Network’s Academic partners—City University, the University of Sheffield, the University of Leeds and Goldsmiths—to City’s campus in London for a social newsgathering training and innovation sprint: the inaugural Pop-Up Newsroom, organized and hosted by Dig Deeper’s Fergus Bell and Meedan’s Tom Trewinnard. We didn’t prepare the students in advance by introducing them to tools or techniques. We didn’t tell them anything except that they would be trained in social newsgathering and we would be monitoring the goings on of election day.

We also invited a select group…

Where collaboration drives innovation

Meedan and Dig Deeper Media announce the launch of Pop-Up Newsroom, an innovation framework for newsrooms that will change the way we collaborate, communicate and engage with audiences through the development of new tools and training. In partnership with leading newsrooms around the world, Pop-Up Newsroom will see a series of in-person collaborations designed to seed and nurture newsroom innovation across technology, editorial and sustainability.

For over 10 years, Meedan and Dig Deeper Media have been helping newsrooms adapt to industry changes and challenges. Today we’re inviting European newsrooms and developers to join us as we kick-start innovation in digital…

Pop-Up Newsroom

Collaboration Drives Innovation

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