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by Luis Abreu
Product Designer

At the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, a series of new product updates were unveiled. All of Apple’s operating systems will come away with some epic new capabilities. However, as app enthusiasts, we are focusing on the upcoming changes that will have an impact on retailers. Coming out on top for iOS 13 are enhancements in:

  • App Development
  • App Performance
  • Machine Learning
  • Security

Also, iPadOS will bring desktop features to the native mobile platform — making Apple devices even more dominant in completed transaction numbers with iPhone users currently spending 3x…

From Donald Trump’s impact on mobile technology to how our inability to put our phones down impacts our shopping behaviour, we summarise the app commerce news in May.

Smartphones are practically glued to our hands nowadays and we feel lost when we don’t have them to hand.

Our phones are so sticky in fact, that:

When it comes to communicating with modern shoppers, the biggest challenge is reaching them wherever they are with maximum impact and driving them to your products.

With the use of App Marketing Links, retailers can be sure they will reach customers in their preferred channels with engaging and relevant content.

Download our App Marketing Links Info Sheet to learn about:

  • iOS Universal Links
  • Android App Links
  • Deferred Deep Links

Learn what each type of App Marketing Link is, what it can do and examples of how and why it should be used.

Hear from Susanne Given, Chairman of, share her years of knowledge and experience on how best to approach retail boards resistant to the digital era.

Susanne and Michael Langguth, COO & Co-Founder of Poq, discuss the evolution of the consumer eras, from physical era to multichannel and omnichannel retail. With the majority of consumers becoming millennials in the coming years, retailers are feeling increasing pressure to place greater importance on digital channels. Convincing a board of an app commerce strategy should differ dependant on the mindset of the retail business.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from more of the industry’s leaders and experts in shopping app strategies at #AppCommerce 2019.

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Originally published at on May 21, 2019.

#AppCommerce 2019 is a must-attend event for retailers and brands looking to expand their knowledge of the rapidly evolving world of retail and the growing and integral role that mobile apps can play.

The event will bring together leaders in commerce, industry experts and innovative minds, with best practice on app success, thought-provoking case studies, along with Q&As with leading retailers.

1. Hear it from the horse’s mouth

The industry’s experts and retailers winning in the shopping app game will present and participate in discussions and workshops across 3 streams to share their experiences and tips for gearing up for app success.

2. Get inspired and educate your team

There will be plenty of…

The evolution of how we shop has seen the standard for shopping experiences migrate from the store to online. With the advancement of smartphone technology, naturally online shopping has progressed to mobile phones. As discussed recently in “ The Future of Retail 2019” by eMarketer, mobile is expected to account for 76% of mobile spending; as more people choose to shop via mobile and mobile shopping experiences improve, conversion rates steadily increase.

However, there has been a disparity between the conversion rates seen on mobile web and desktop and as more shoppers migrate to using mobile web, revenue could be…

Tobi is a fast fashion purely online retailer with an LA vibe who decided to relaunch its app on the Poq platform. Jennifer Song, President of Tobi joined Joe Keenan on the Total Retail Talks podcast to discuss how:

  • The Tobi app is now seeing 4.6 star rating on the App Store
  • Poq’s expertise, ability to meet Tobi’s expectations and estimated 12 week launch timeline (actually achieved in 8 weeks) influenced their choice in app provider

Tobi launched their first app in 2014, since then shopping on mobile…

By: Balint Szeplaki
Head of Product

As the industry gets more competitive, retail brands are turning to new tactics to cultivate longer lasting and loyal relationships with their customers. This means directly affecting and communicating with consumers on a more personal and emotional level.

Retailers now have to create delight not just through their products but through the overall shopping experience. This blog looks at the direct to consumer (D2C) trend through the lens of creating delight throughout the shopping experience and how native apps can be the perfect tool for delight generation.

The science behind delight

The strategy for creating delight can be…

From predicting the behaviour of app users to the future of the tech we’ll be shopping on, we cover the latest news from the industry looking to impact the way we shop.

Are app users ‘fickle’?

Our platform stats tend to suggest otherwise

Some of the latest Comscore Inc. data seems to suggest that monthly active users on apps tend to vary month-to-month for some major retail apps, including the likes of eBay, Nordstrom and Macy’s who have seen fluctuations in app visitor volumes. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, from seasonality to marketing tactics, but it’s certainly not the picture…

Atlas has arrived! Our latest platform release, Atlas, will provide clients with more app control, Apple Pay in web checkout, enhanced app experiences, and increased product storage flexibility.

So, what’s new with Atlas?

Empowering retailers to self-serve their apps

In line with our roadmap goal of placing app management control in the hands of our clients -making set-up and in-live app configuration quick and easy -we have launched version 1 of our App Styler. …


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