Learning the Difficult Things

Learning is not always fun, however, it is most certainly necessary. Particularly when something crucial depends on it. Most times, that crucial thing is just enough to make one go through the struggles of learning something difficult. Other times, learning something is simply too overwhelming and our brains shut down to the subject altogether. For me, one thing that made my brain shut off was algebra. While it was difficult to break that habit, I was able to overcome it and continue learning algebra efficiently.

Avoid Shutting Down

To overcome shutting down when trying to learn a dreaded topic, take a deep breathe and relax. Make sure to be in as positive of a mindset as possible. Organization is key to learning. I did not just decide to learn all there is to algebra all at once, but I organized myself and figured out what I needed to understand before I could comprehend more complex algebra. After finding a good starting point, divide the material into manageable chunks. Structure will allow the brain to comprehend and retain information much easier. For algebra, I started by reviewing my basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations. Then I made a list of things I needed to learn and I grouped them in a way that I could easily make connections. The beginning process may seem a bit tedious, but it makes things incredibly easy later on.

Use All Possible Resources

Finally, have at it and absorb information! Use every source of information regarding that specific topic. Another thing to take into consideration is that people are not always the best at teaching themselves. The internet as well as libraries have amazing amounts of stored knowledge for consumption, but it often helps to have a mentor. It can take help from zero to one thousand plus people to fully understand something. A good rule of thumb is to never put restraints on oneself when it comes to learning. Keep an open mind, ask questions, and listen to what others have to say.

I hope this was helpful for those who feel stuck when learning something. How do you approach learning when you seem to be at a dead end? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!