What are the primary sources of energy in the world today? How is global energy use changing? 

In the world today, the primary sources of energy is fossil fuels that made from coal, oil, and natural gas. This underground resource is currently abundant, more a lot of value,cheaper than other sources. It accounts for about 80% of total energy in today.

Since the beginning time of dinosaur, global energy is still main in sort of fundamental source of earth. While time is moving, global energy use is literally changed too. Until this day, the period of technology and digital use, is changed world energy more faster than earlier. In the same time, the number of consumers who use energy source getting high in everywhere around the world, like china, where is the biggest number of energy use consumption because of economic growth for more than a decade. Besides, having transportation, and being everyday routine of people from like using a natural gas for car, etc., is also caused of changing the numbers of energy use too.

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