What is Toeffler’s Third Wave theory and where do you think Thailand’s his suggested theory of change?

The Third wave Revolution of Toeffler’s opinion was more powerful and complexity in human being. The era of hunter-gatherer with weapon of blade and the club had completely gone in earlier. Every job get much highly competition in world market and it definitely changed of human in life time of living. In addition, the world is fast emerging of new technology, for instance; the spread of cable television and the existing of wide ranging in media for communication like telephone that we use in nowadays. The changed of family units also has been developed too.

In my opinion, Toeffler’s theory emphasizes on the growth of economic and people life. For Thailand, the best known of agricultural country in way of sufficiency economy theory, is the best description of his suggested because of the lifestyle of Thai people that clearly changed since the beginning of Industrial revolution. From his suggested theory of change, Thailand for nowadays is easier to getting a job and faster of shipping on goods than in the past. Not only economic ways has changed but also value of living in Thai people also developed too.

credit : http://www.cbpp.uaa.alaska.edu/afef/BA635-third-wave.htm

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