11 Things You Can See in the New Airbnb Logo

The hidden symbolism behind Airbnb’s fresh brand, and why the internet was trolled.

The new Airbnb logo sparked an incredibly ridiculous discussion about a topic not-so-often covered — branding. People just love mocking things for the sake of doing so to belong to a tribe, but what should be the actual takeaway?


They went for owning a feeling and not talking about themselves.

This may seem counterintuitive, but since both concepts share one symbol (mind you, simple enough to be drawn by a child), Airbnb becomes synonymous with the warm feeling of belonging. Philosophically, this elevates Airbnb from a bed–n–breakfast search engine to where Couchsurfing stands, but without the vagabond stigma attached.

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Airbnb = Belonging
(Courtesy of Airbnb)

And here is why this is clever, great for Airbnb, and why everybody got fooled at the end of the day.

Brand roll-outs are boring. They suck. Typically they are fueled with baseless hate and negative comments from the internet. In a typical scenario you would read about the rebranding on one or two blogs and tomorrow it becomes old news (unless you’re a designer, then you’d be discussing the kerning between letters for weeks to follow).

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11 things you may find in the logo, when you look closely.

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