Having Followers (And What to Do With Them)

[No Seriously, Like What Should I Do With Y’All?]

Going through the my Bacn folder in FastMail* (what, you don’t have a Bacn folder?) I noticed that I have a new follower on Medium. I don’t really check Medium that often because I don’t really like it and I’d rather you read my site.

But they’re in the news for a new logo and stuff. Even my beloved text editor, Ulysses*, added the ability to publish directly to Medium. (Disclosure: I didn’t write this in Ulysses.) So it’s on my mind, already, I guess.

I don’t really want to go through another round of “is Medium right for me?” I’m still quite certain it isn’t. But that email that indicated I had a new follower got me wondering: well how many followers do I have?

As of today I have 284 followers on Medium, about ⅓ the number of followers I have on Twitter. Not bad, considering I

  1. don’t use Medium much
  2. have been vocal about how much I dislike it
  3. and use Twitter a ton.

So: what can I actually do with those followers? I honestly don’t know. I have more RSS followers on the candler blog, but is it really apples to apples?

You tell me, I suppose. Are you out there, 284 followers? If you won’t read my site, will you read me here? What made you follow me here? Is it annoying to ask?

Thanks in advance.

*shameless affiliate link, much appreciated

I write the candler blog among other things. Movies, technology & everything else.

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