Have you start your storytelling yet?

It can be anyone who write the story and it can be any topic that you like to share. Does not need to be only film. Your dairy life also can be storytelling. Most of business use storytelling to promote their product and campaign. But how do we create a perfect one?

Encourage people to participate in the storytelling

Your story must involve audience opinion. Not only passive but also active involve. Building relationship with audiences is important. For example, we can build by working together in workshop and tell the story and get the opinion from the other audiences. Some new ideas may come to your thought and adapt to be a better one. Now, many products and campaign have promoted online. They aim to get audience’s attention and be a part of the activities. By that, they let audience share ideas, comment, are share post on media.

Challenge and inspiring

The story without inspiration cannot reach to audience’s attention. It’s time to think of what will inspire audience? It is quite challenged to get the right point due to in different ages have different mindset and different believe. Young group would have a mindset that whatever they watch, it need to short and fun. While, older group would care more on quality and reality. For me, thinking of inspiring people is not an easy work. It’s take time to understand the group that we are working on. In this case, you have to know what are you doing, who is your target group and what do they really like. You can practice this activity from yourself. Who is your inspiration, and why is that inspiring you? Nothing is late to start.

One channel is not enough.

Multiple channel is required. And in each post, they should have different entry points to approach the same topic in order to have related content. To elucidate, sharing on Facebook is not sufficient. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube also can be a channel to promote your storytelling as well.

However, some of you may forget that in different media give different meaning of the post. To clarify, when you post video on Facebook you can share long video with clear explanation. While Instagram they mainly took it in real time with short period. Audience do not expect to watch long video. One of my friend, she is selling cloth and bag on Facebook and Instagram. She told me that most of the customer come from Instagram. Customers do not ask much as customer who from Facebook page. Customer in Facebook usually ask for price and many other questions. They just looking for information and leave. Thus, we must choose the right media to post the right video at the right time in order to build value and meaning on your storytelling.


Real story is needed

Can you imagine, if someone introduce you a fresh new shampoo that it is organic without chemical. Then, you believe on that product with all of your faith. Later, you realized that it was untrue. The product is made from something else with chemical. What do you feel? Definitely, I would feel faithless and lost all my trust in that brand. I believe that not only one will have lost trust. News in social media spread out very fast. And people consume it all the time. People share what they feel, know, and opinion on social media. The fame of this brand would not grow any further. Therefore, real story without make up is the best to present your storytelling.

Make some magic!

Let’s the audiences have some imagination on what they are watching.

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell others how to think, but to give others questions to think upon.“
(Brandon Sanderson, The way of kings)
Then, let’s begin on your storytelling. Enjoy your day!
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