Stating your own Advocacy Campaign

Many campaigns have become more popular and well-known faster than before. Do you notice why that happen? People spends most of their time on smartphone where they can assess to every information that they want to know. They would give the attention on what is a new trend and popular around their life. By this time, all the information that present in online is need a medium to convey to users. And the top mediums people use is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Without the medium people would not able to consume the media as this much. Now, you can see where the information is from and how people consume it. Thus, most of the campaigns are success because they use online platform to promote and support what they do and reach to people. From now onward, you may have an idea to work on your own campaign. But first let’s learn the how to start the campaign together.

Campaign is one of the basic form to advocate people to have a better life in the society. Most of them was created to protect the rights for human, animal, and minority. The campaign shows on both offline and online platforms. But it is quite challenge and hard to begin new campaign and make it success as we wish. We do not know what the obstacle we will face. And each of the risk can create an impact to us at anytime.

Again, before we are going to begin any campaign we have to know what we want to do and what our passion. The campaign is not just in a small area. It shows on public place and online. Sometimes it takes long-term to reach the success. Therefore, we must have our goal since the beginning. Then we will know what we have to do, plan and list it into step. The goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, times, and challenging. Besides, our team must agree with the same goal to avoid opposing. For example, Ivory Free Thailand Campaign, has clear goal to make Thai people save the elephant.

Then come to the step of planning, it should work in team. All team member must participate and share ideas. For now, brainstorming and collecting all the ideas are important. We actually get the best solution at this time because we all are using creativity to think of new things which are possible. As we see, our surrounding full of media campaigns. All of them has its own uniqueness. The word, color, message, and style they use are out of the box which can attract people to look and follow. This is we are looking for. Creativity must be there. Try to be unique and creative.

Do not forget to plan on the resources and asset (expert, equipment, facilities, sponsor, money). These are the key tools that lead us to the goal. Without the tool, the campaign would stop at any time and suddenly be a forgotten one. Since the campaign is taking time to process and if we stop at somewhere it is hard to come back and continue. Every processes are important. We have to keep looking at problem and solve it at that time. Thus, we need to think of strategy that can answer to our objective and particular goal. The strategy plan would help us to work smoothly because it will guide us what to prepare and be ready for. Come to the next step, taking action. Plan the activity with the team. Each activity must be creative and related to our goal. By that time, think of the time that we will take to reach the goal.

The above campaign is an example. They have a good idea of making the campaign connect to the sense of community. Thailand is called the land of elephant and they bring the story to relate with location and use the right people to promote.

This all just an idea to start any campaign. I hope you will do well and have a nice day!


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