Pornpitcha Dansirisanti

1 List and explain 4 main issues with the Internet today.

Digital Divide — is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet

Censor Ship- the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society

Data Storage- is a memory, components, devices and media that retain digital computer data used for computing for some interval of time.

Net Neutrality — Protect your right to access what you want and how you want it on the Internet.

2 What suggestions do you have to decrease the Digital Divide within Thailand?

To decrease the Digital Divide, Thailand should have WiFi in everywhere to give chance to who do not have internet. Especially for who live in rural area.

3 Who benefits the “most” from advancements in computer and information technology? Explain in detail.

The users are the one who get the most benefits from computer. They can get a lot of new information. There are several of advantages for the user.

4 Who are the primary emerging markets within ASEAN? Compare and contrast these emerging markets in terms of Internet use and potential for e-commerce.

From the past until now, in ASEAN Singapore is in the top of Technology and Education. This makes us know that in the future they have chance to raise in business more than other countries. And it also link to Internet use and potential for e-commerce. If we compare these two , the result is quite have the same amount.

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