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1. What are the primary sources of energy in the world today? How is global energy use changing?

Fossil- oil, gas, coal

In global energy, Fossil energy use increased most in 2000–2008. After that coal increased energy use of the prior decade, growing faster than all renewable energy sources.

2. Which sector uses the most energy? What is the primary energy source for electrical energy in the world today? In Thailand?

The industrial sector uses the most energy. The primary energy source for electrical energy is Fossil Fuels such as nuclear, hydroelectric.

Thailand’s primary energy consumption is mostly from fossil fuels, about over 80 percent of the country’s total energy consumption. Oil was 39 percent of total energy consumption in 2010, down from nearly half in 2000. As the economy expanded and industrialized, Thailand consumed more oil for transportation and industrial uses. Natural gas has replaced some oil demand and is the next largest fuel, growing to nearly a third of total consumption mix.

3. Explain the concept of “Peak Oil”

It is the point in time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to the decline.

4. What are 4 main issues or problems associated with our use of energy?

-Energy security

-Small countries risk of energy poverty

-Increasing population make the demand of using energy increase.

-Decreasing natural resources

5. Who are the main net importers of oil in the South East Asian region? Do you think Thailand is highly dependent on global oil markets? explain.

Thailand is the second largest net oil importer in Southeast Asia behind Singapore.

I think Thailand highly dependent on global oil markets. The country imports petroleum and crude oil over 60 percent. Moreover, when global oil prices are high, at the expense of taxes on other fuels such as diesel and gasoline sales. Apart from that, LPG, which has a 17 percent share of the oil product consumption, is mostly used in domestic consumption for residential cooking, transportation, and the petrochemical sector.

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