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Porsche Digital

Katy Campbell’s role as a Manager at Porsche Digital is supporting the various founders at FWRD31 and mentoring their businesses throughout the partnership. By doing so, she highly advocates for mental health awareness in the workplace, inspiring her colleagues and business partners.

That is a hard one! I want to say flexibility, as we are working with startups — which means things are constantly evolving. However, at the same time, I think it is so crucial to be as open-minded as possible. …

We got a new look, but there is more to it: How we rebranded Porsche Digital to visualize our core mission; creating value and excitement through digital engineering.

When our colleagues gathered for a brand workshop, we were inspired by a quote from Jeff Bezos: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” For us, this most accurately describes why branding is important.

Adaptive sound adapts to your movements or your environment. Norman Friedenberger from Porsche Digital explains how this technology could be used in the automotive space and what challenges are still ahead of the technology.

Adaptive Sound could be part of the in-car entertainment system; prototype app

I have always been fascinated by the idea to find a way to represent peoples’ lives through sound — or, to have kind of a “sound companion” that would create musical structures according to what I am doing, at a given time. It would know about my current mood, the situation I am in, the activity I go for. Something so custom and tailored, almost like…

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet in sight. Still, we think it is a good moment to reflect on what will remain of the new work processes, how our work has changed in 2020 — and how looking at structures from a distance creates new perspectives.

For many months now, it has been quiet in most of our offices around the globe — from Ludwigsburg to Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley, just to name a few. Where once the walls were covered with notes, sketches, and ideas, there is now a safe distance and contact restrictions. My…

Javier Donado Porsche Digital
Javier Donado Porsche Digital
Javier Donado is part of the Software Engineering chapter at Porsche Digital

As a part of the Software Engineering chapter at Porsche Digital, Javier Donado creates digital products and helps to launch them into new markets. He draws from various professional experiences and is constantly experimenting with the latest technologies. Besides technical skills, Javier aims to be a good leader and to keep his mindset open to new ideas.

Javier, what is your job at Porsche Digital?

There are many tasks that we software engineers carry out at Porsche Digital. But if I had to briefly describe it, I would say that I help to create new digital products by turning ideas into compelling working solutions.

We are constantly bringing…

How to choose between cookie-based (Application Load Balancer) and token-based (API Gateway) authentication? In this article, Porsche Digital DevOps Engineer Aşkın Aşkın compares authentication on ALB and API Gateway.

Authentication is one of the most complicated topics for developers. It is needed to implement many features, from forgot password to SMS verification or Two-Factor-Authentification (2FA). However, with the latest technologies and services, a secure authentication system is simpler to implement than ever before. AWS Cognito is an authentication as a service just like Auth0 or others —but its main advantage is its integration with other AWS services.

Colorful lines of code written on a black computer screen
Colorful lines of code written on a black computer screen
Authentication is one of the most complicated topics for developers. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In this article…

Get to know Gana from Forward31

He is one of the founding columns of Porsche Digital’s company builder Forward31: Gantimur Meißner, called Gana, brings 20 years of experience in product innovation and design in the automotive industry to the table. He strongly believes in speed, the right timing, and market entry.

In our interview, he takes us on a journey to a place and time well before cars crossed roads with digital technology. He shares insights about his time developing the interior of the Porsche Taycan and explains why he believes in our form of corporate innovation.

Gana, what is your job at FWRD31 about?

About 2,5 years ago, Christian Knörle, now Porsche Digital’s…

Matthias Hub works at Forward31, the company building unit by Porsche Digital

Get to know Matthias from Forward31

With a background in cloud-native application development, Matthias Hub brings technical knowledge and extensive expertise to his role at Forward31, the company builder by Porsche Digital. Matthias has spent most of his career working as a software engineer focusing on innovation, which makes him a perfect fit for building new businesses and creating new ventures.

In our interview, Matthias explains how he uses his digital expertise in venture building, talks about his role as a Company Builder at Forward31, and what led him to Porsche Digital in the first place.

Hi Matthias, can you describe your daily doing at FWRD31?

As I have a technical background, my job is to…

At Porsche Digital, the Marketing & Growth team has become an integral part of the product development process from day one, complement between marketing and a fast-paced growth hacking mindset. Helen gives insights into our holistic marketing approach and how we aim to drive innovation with cross-functional collaboration.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Following the concept of “testing and growth” as an essential prerequisite for the development of our products, our marketing team evolved into a dedicated Marketing & Growth team with a clear goal:

To integrate marketing facets into product development from day one and complement with a fast-paced growth hacking mindset.

Holistic marketing: how we drive innovations at Porsche Digital

As a…

Laura Simina works as a Senior Marketing Manager at Porsche Digital. In her role, she is involved in many different projects and needs to connect with her colleagues constantly. Due to COVID-19, Laura and her colleagues have been working mobile from home for many months. Now she resumes what worked, what didn’t and how they will work in the future.

Project board Porsche Digital
Project board Porsche Digital
Laura’s set up in her home office

Usually, our office here in Ludwigsburg offers us a place for inspiration, creativity and productivity. Walls full of sprint boards, countless colourful post-its on product fields, a prototype here and there and many collections of past brainstorming sessions.

Most importantly…

Porsche Digital

Official Account of Porsche Digital | Our mission: Digital engineering to spark excitement and to create value

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