Given those assumptions, I’m going to define the “right” educational choice as meeting all of these criteria:
Why is Disney producing propaganda?
Ryan Carson

Taking into account your criteria, going to a university and getting a bachelor’s of science degree was the correct course of action for me to take. I’m in my final year of my degree and my tuition is paid for in full without going into debt. It wasn’t because I have a wealthy family. It was because my wife and I worked hard. We went without vacations and eating out often. We went without cable (which we don’t miss).

The university I’m attending is teaching mobile development. They are teaching Android 6.0 development and Swift for the iOS courses.

Whereas I don’t disagree with your article, and I do strongly support what Treehouse is doing, I don’t think blaming Disney of propaganda is the solution. They simply needed a way to get both Goofy and Max into college at the same time (hilarity ensues). Having both Goofy and Max sitting in their living room taking online courses would not have been nearly as entertaining.

Again, I’m not disagreeing with you. I realize I am the exception. I’m simply saying that getting a bachelor’s degree with good ol’ fashioned hard work is not impossible but merely improbable. (But, then again, maybe being in my mid-30’s as opposed to my early-20’s has a lot to do with that mentality.)

I also believe that leading my kids by example and telling them, “You don’t have to go to college but, if you want to, this is how you do it…” will be a lot more influential then, “Kids, let’s not watch that Goofy movie. Pick something else on Netflix.”


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