Fierce Disabled Women: 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Apr 2 · 4 min read

While there are countless beauty, technology, and sports Instagram accounts that receive frequent public acclaim, other social groups don’t receive as much attention. Here at Portal Entryways, we love to advocate for the disabled community, as we believe they are an underserved portion of society. With our mobile app, disabled users no longer have to press the access button to open doors--the doors simply open as the individual approaches... #aboutTime!

NOTE: If you have an access (aka handicap) button that you’re still pressing on your commute, email us here ( and we’ll help you change that! Seriously, do it.

Anyways, because of our accessibility mission, we wanted to give a shout out to a select group that merits more social media acclaim--females with mobility impairments. In this post, we will highlight five Instagram accounts of awesome females battling against disability stigmas and living life with some sort of mobility impairment or disability. Here are our top five females Instagram gurus:

Mia Mingus (mia.mingus)

The first Instagram account that we are highlighting is @mia.mingus. Mia Mingus is a physically disabled woman, currently residing in California, who is a strong voice in the disability justice community. Her Instagram posts range from humorous to serious--but they will always leave you feeling uplifted or inspired to act. We love Mia because she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind — even if it is hard to do so. She unapologetically posts about disability issues that need to be brought into the limelight for public discussion. She is an advocate for social justice and is campaigning for a more accessible, or in other words “loving” world for everyone individually. In her own words, “accessibility is love.” Check her out on Instagram here @mia.mingus.

Alex Dacy (wheelchair_rapunzel)

The next killer Instagram account on the list is @wheelchair_rapunzel. The account owner is Alex Dacy, a physically disabled woman with a strong, confident personality. Alex’s posts often focus on body image positivity and being comfortable in one’s own skin. She is not only a beautiful woman but a strong advocate for self-confidence regardless of physical circumstance. If you want some self-image positivity, some impressively designed merch from her business, and maybe even a few poems, check her out on Instagram here @wheelchair_rapunzel.

Holly Warland (hollywiththemd)

The next Instagram account that you need to check out is @hollywiththemd. Holly Warland is a young woman with late-stage limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. She is an incredible example of humor and positivity. We love her account in particular, because she publicly shares both sides of the coin — the ups AND the downs of living with her physical disability. Her account is teeming with her fun personality and provides insight into the unfiltered reality of living with her condition. You have to check her out here @hollywiththemd.

Imani Barbarin (crutches_and_spice)

Another fun Instagram account that we want to feature is @crutches_and_spice. Imani Barbarin, the “spicy” disabled woman behind the account, shares her adventures, thoughts, and personality through her pictures and videos on both Instagram and Twitter. We find Imani’s account particularly exciting and unique, as she advocates for social justice while maintaining a sense of humor. She is the creator of the hashtag #AbledsAreWeird, which has gone viral on Twitter, and is an unashamed advocate for disability rights. If you’re looking for some spice, fun, and realness, check out her Instagram here @crutches_and_spice.

Samantha Dwyer (thewheelsammyrose)

The final Instagram account on the countdown is @thewheelsammyrose. Samantha Dwyer, the owner of the account, provides a taste of what it is like to live with Friedreich Ataxia through her life-documenting photos. Although her condition can be painful, Samantha battles through the everyday with a fighting, undaunted spirit — and that is why we love her. She is an ambassador for disability rights. Check out her Instagram here to see the ins and outs of her life @thewheelsammyrose.

These are just a few of the many female advocates on Instagram, but they are some of the best! Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts, and follow their amazing stories and thoughts. PS If you’re interested in what we’re doing at Portal, come check us out here.

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