Portal Fantasy Minting Madness: Get Ready, Mint & Win a Shiny Porble!

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Join us for a 24 hour Portal Fantasy NFT Minting Madness! Snag a chance to win a super rare Shiny Obsidadile NFT.

  • Mint Date: May 30 2023, 00:00 UTC
  • Mint Duration: 24 hours
  • Mint Network: Avalanche and Polygon network
  • Shiny Obsidadile Total Number: 40 Shiny Obsidadile NFTs in total. 20 on the Avalanche Network. 20 on the Polygon Network.
  • Minting Platform: Portal Fantasy Official Website


We are excited to announce all of the details regarding the first Portal Fantasy Porble NFT! Brace yourselves, because only 40 of the awe-inspiring Shiny Obsidadile Porble NFTs will be minted across the Polygon and Avalanche network. It’s time to put your game face on!

Meet our mesmerizing Shiny Obsidadile with a 1-star Majesty that’ll leave your enemies in the dust!

  • Elemental Type: Fire
  • Wilderness Region: Mt. Embers
  • Porble Index №15: Obsidadile live thousands of years. It’s hard to pass the time, so many have learned to understand human speech. They can’t reply, but they will bite you if you’re impolite.
  • Porble Majesty: 1-Star ⭐

When is the mint date and mint duration?

The Portal Fantasy Minting Madness is between May 30, 2023 00:00 UTC to May 31, 2023 00:00 UTC.

The heart-pounding mint will only last for 24 hours. Will they vanish in the blink of an eye? Only time will tell!

What if I don’t get a Shiny Porble?

The free mint will always reward you with a Beta Pass and something extra special (you’ll find out when the mint starts). So you’ll always have a prized possession to take home!

However, every time you mint a Beta Pass, you have a chance to win a Shiny Obsidadile. The chance is completely random, so players might claim all 40 Porbles in a split second or in the final heart-stopping moments when the campaign ends. Talk about living on the edge!

What is a Porble?

Porbles are the creatures that inhabit the Portal Fantasy universe. They range from small critters scurrying amongst the woodland, to elegant creatures soaring above the mountain-tops, to ferocious beasts inhabiting harsh fire-torn lands.

Porbles can be caught, battled, and trained by Heroes. Each synced Porble is a unique NFT asset that you own and can be freely traded and transferred across wallets.

What is a Shiny Porble?

Shiny Porble are a rare and highly sought-after treasure. These Porbles boast a unique colorization and an even rarer characteristic known as Porble Majesty.

Porble Majesty is a measure of a Porble’s rarity and is determined by the recipe used in a Porble Fusion. The higher the Majesty, the more valuable the Porble becomes. As you fervently work on raising the Majesty of their Porbles, you unlock significant gameplay advantages. The Porble Majesty determines:

  • The amount of Fusion Points gained from Assist Porbles
  • The max amount of Momentum.

As you plunge into intense battles and hair-raising quests and your Porble climbs the Mount Everest of Majesty, it transforms into a Shiny Porble, sporting a one-of-a-kind colorization that sets it apart from all others — the ultimate Portal Fantasy prize for elite players!

Can I use my Shiny Porble in game?

Yes, you will be able to use your Shiny Porble upon the full game release. However, you will not be able to use it in the Closed Beta (the anticipation will be worth it!).

How much will it cost ?

This mint is absolutely FREE! You may encounter minor gas fees, but fear not! Thanks to the budget-friendly transaction fees on the Polygon and Avalanche networks, the cost will be hardly noticeable.

What is a Beta Pass?

Beta Passes are non-transferrable NFTs that are used to access the Portal Fantasy Closed Beta. You can read more about the Beta Pass here: Your Ultimate Guide to the Portal Fantasy Closed Beta!

When can I play the Closed Beta and how do I start?

You can read more about the Beta Pass here: Your Ultimate Guide to the Portal Fantasy Closed Beta!

Will there be a Whitelist?

Whitelist spots will be distributed to community members through events and contests in our Discord server. These spots will give you a higher chance to mint a Shiny NFT. Additionally, we will be giving some spots to our partners as well so keep an eye out for their giveaways as well!

Where can I mint this?

You will be able to mint on our official website https://portalfantasy.io/.

There will be 40 Shiny Obsidadile NFTs in total. 20 on the Polygon Network and 20 on the Avalanche Network (double the networks, double the thrill!).

Mint Rules

Only one mint per wallet. No bots, no cheating! We’ve got our eyes on you!

So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare for the most epic Portal Fantasy Porble NFT Minting Madness event! With a bit of luck and impeccable timing, you might just become the proud owner of a shiny, rare, and enviable Obsidadile NFT. Good luck, and may the minting odds be ever in your favor!

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