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5 min readMay 12, 2024


The day we have been hinting has finally arrived!

While the Steam demo will carry on as it is (with the occasional feature released to give a taste of the full game), we are now releasing our first massive content update in our browser version (https://play.portalfantasy.io). We are calling these updates Chapters.


The Prologue is the first of the Chapters and like all Chapters, brings a lot of new content and features for players. Let’s explore what these are:


  • If you’ve played before, you’ll finally be able to progress the Main quest and enter the first dungeon. But can you survive all the traps and the Guardian? If so, you will be rewarded with your first Sigil (formerly named Medals) and unlock a new max level for your Porbles. With this, you can now raise any of your team members to level 20.

Evolutions (Majesty Level 2) & Dyes

  • Say hello to evolutions. All Porbles you can capture in the game right now will have their Majesty level 2 evolution unlocked. This is a special level that changes your Porble’s appearance and requires fusion to reach.
  • In addition to this, you’ll also be able to make your Porbles truly unique by using dyes to change different regions of your Porbles. These changes remain across evolutions so you can do them right from the start without the risk of them being lost later in the game.

The fusion room is going to be busy with all the crafting, customization, augmentation and evolutions (no spoiler evolutions in here, so you can see them for the first in-game).

Web3 Content

We’re excited to introduce some web3 exclusive content below. In order to access any of the things below you need to connect to the vault (https://vault.portalfantasy.io) with your AVAX or Polygon wallet.

You can do so by going to the Vault (green button on the top right corner), and using a Metamask wallet to link your wallet address.

To check whether you’re connected or not, head to the fountain in Valeria and see if you can see the Tower Keeper.

Tower of Trials

  • If you’ve participated in our previous partner maps you will remember the Tower of Trials. It is now finally open! Challenge all 7 different levels of the tower, solving puzzles, and beating baddies to reach the top. There, you will be rewarded with a treasure room where you can find a special seasonal recipe for a pet that will only be available in this chapter.
  • Crafting this pet will give you an egg that will later hatch into a unique pet for this chapter. This pet will have different skins and tiers so the more you obtain the higher your chances of getting a rarer one.
  • You also will find 2 special chests that have some of the ingredients you will need for that recipe. In addition, you’ll have a chance of getting a special set of seasonal clothes for the Prologue.

Both items will be mintable in the future but they will not be able to be obtained in the game after the Prologue period is over. So best to hurry before the next season arrives in a few weeks!

Shiba Dogs

  • If you were part of Minting Madness and minted a Shiba pet, it’s now time to let them shine! You can now bring them into the game as long as you have the same wallet connected to the vault. If you don’t see your Shiba make sure to click “Sync”.
  • In the future, there will be more features of what you can do with your pets in the vault 😉.


  • If you want to look even more stylish and unique, the shop is your next stop. There you can find a unique set of clothes and pets that cannot be obtained anywhere else. The shop contents be constantly refreshed and cosmetics that exist now might not exist in the future.

Daily Quests & Achievements

  • Every day you will get a series of quests that will award you XP. This XP will used in future for goodies and holders of XP may receive airdrops in future, so better start collecting them now.
  • You can have up to 5 daily quests that will be refreshed every day and replaced with a new one after you complete one (every 20 minutes).
  • There are also in-game achievements which are one-time claims that are worth more XP points.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to play.portalfantasy.io to start exploring and be prepared for more game updates and features coming very soon!



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