Individual Idea Generation:

How Might We Keep Desktops Clean?

This was the question on everyone’s mind the night leading up to the session. Scrambling to collect their thoughts they racked their brains hoping to come up with the one idea that would blow everyone away. The day of, they arrived ideas in hand ready to share and impress.

This unfortunately, was not the case last night. Only one of the participants actually read the email I sent and so he was the only one ready to share ideas when the time came. Out of the ideas I did collect there were a few that really stood out to me and was really impressed with what people came up with when they had their head in the game.

Below are the 30 ideas I generated prior to the exercise,

New Warm-Up Game:

My warm up game followed a similar style to the game we played in class where we each said a sentence of a story but instead of saying what the character was doing you had to draw it out. I thought this would be an interesting spin on the game because it forces constraints of doing things that you can draw but not being allowed to explain what your doing. I think in a group that was more receptive to being silly and creative it would have been a good idea but only 2 of the 4 really wanted to participate and this was a precursor to what was to come with the rest of the activity.

Session Organization:

From left to right: Selma, Ryan, John, and Jake

Selma is a Political Science major who is in her final year set to graduate this spring. She enjoys makeup, dogs, and turtles (especially her own, Izet). Ryan is a Finance major who is set to graduate in the spring of 2019. Ryan enjoys games, television, and numbers. John is a Computer Engineering student who also plans on graduating in the spring of 2019. He enjoys violin, computers, and games. Finally we have Jake, a computer science major who really likes Rick and Morty. We played the game described above, Zip-Zap-Zop, and Look at Me for about 10 minutes total before starting the session. This whole session took place in 520-B in Bruininks Hall.

The whole process took about 30 minutes before it started calming down and in total we came up with 43 ideas during the session. This came out to be 1.43 ideas per minute for the group and 0.357 IMP not including the ideas I came with. This was due to half the people not really being into the whole thing and not really wanting to participate so between those that were participating the count was actually much higher closer to .715 IMP. Although this was disappointing it made me realize who I can rely on when asking for favors.

Sorting and Voting:


By this point I had lost almost everyone so when I asked them to rearrange everything according to categories they came up with, all while not talking this is what they came up with. In the middle third they said they put the most possible ideas and as they worked off to they two sides they started getting more and more impossible. All the ideas out of one of the participants were just bad memes so I discarded off all the ones that didn’t have to do with the prompt. The two categories that we had were orange being possible ideas that would work with existing technologies, and green being anything that they thought was a creative way to solve the problem.

Top Ideas:

I found the top ideas from what I thought solved the problem the best and also what the participants deemed to be their favorites. All of the ideas that were chosen came from either John Pahr or myself.

Hole in Desk
Like Drive Thru at he Bank
Windshield Wipers on the Desk
Desk that Flips Open
Folder In Desk
Hatches in Desktop
Vertical Organizer
Interchangeable Desktop
Desk Tray that Removes to Clean
Standing Desk that can’t Hold Things


I will be working on my personal idea generation between Wednesday and Friday. I will also use this time to come up with a game. On Friday, I have arranged to have my brainstorming session. This is when the sorting and voting will be done. I will sketch the top 10 ideas on Monday and write the final blog on Tuesday and Wednesday night.