Our GitHub video course series is out!

After months of preparation, planning, scripting, recording and post-production, the first series of our GitHub video courses is finally out!

Back in February 2015, O’Reilly and GitHub Training approached us to see whether we would be interested in producing a comprehensive video training series on GitHub. This was too good an opportunity not to seize, so we did.

There are actually two series:

  • Learning GitHub has 69 videos grouped in 13 chapters, adding up to almost 5 hours. It covers enormous ground and is guaranteed to teach new stuff to complete beginners and seasoned users alike. It just got released (see links below).
  • Mastering Advanced GitHub is scheduled to deliver 43 videos grouped in 5 chapters, for a running total of about 4 hours. It dives into GitHub Pages, hidden / little-known features, third-party service integration, the API and the subtleties of organization management and billing.

We worked in close touch with GitHub Training to make sure we left nothing unexplored. Sure, in the meantime GitHub switched its default code pages layout (right-hand icon tabs are now on top and with labels), but the content remains 100% relevant.

We are extremely proud and happy to see the finished product hit market, and despite its missing the mark for Black Friday / Cyber Monday, it’s here just in time for Christmas!

You can check it out right now:

We hope you’ll love it and look forward to your feedback!

Christophe Porteneuve

Written by

I make cool stuff and teach others to (Git, Rails, JS/CoffeeScript/Node/etc).

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