Confirmation Bias and “self”-skepticism

Are ideology, philosophy, and even religion all mere vehicles that we use for validating our own biases?

As we endeavor in our quest for finding meaning in our lives, we discover ideologies, philosophies, and religions that seem to open our eyes to the truth of the world and existence. Are we really encountering a revelation? Or, are we only unearthing a way of validating what we already believe in? Are we simply, maybe unconsciously, combing through human knowledge for a source of legitimization of our already existing predispositions?

Even more broadly: when humanity as a whole search for this all-encompassing moral truths, aren’t we as primates just striving to legitimize through rationality what evolution has already baked into our hominid brains? (see monkey fairness experiment)

Think hard about you own experiences and use all skepticism that you invoke. Then, ask yourself the question: “that one time, when I found that quote that I love, was I looking for the truth, or to confirm what I already felt?”