The Suitability of the Capacity Assessment to return to work

Functional Capacity Evaluation

After a work-related injury, it is appropriate to determine if you are physically ready to go back to work. It’s inevitable and thus necessary to deal with such circumstances if the worst happens. When an employee suffers serious injuries that could affect their employment opportunities, it’s important for an assessment/evaluation to be done to determine whether the employee is capable of handling the tasks given to them. Some tests can be conducted to determine the work tolerance and the necessity for work restrictions. Apart from the need to have tests that determine the possibility to get back to work, we also need to figure out the job placement, the necessary worksite modifications to fit the current state of the individual, the most appropriate accommodations and if there is a case of permanent disabilities.
A reliable rehabilitation and therapy is mandatory to ensure that the best assessment is done on the individual ensuring that there is no risk at work. Portera Rehabilitation Company has over the years made sure that the facilities offering rehabilitation have professionals with skills to enable the customers /individuals to adopt comfortably. The company has also aimed to ensure that the patients in rehabilitation, close relations, and the community get the best care possible.

In cases of a work-related accident, the functional capacity evaluation Bowie Maryland can be done in Bowie Maryland. The clinic offers various tests, practices and observations that are put together to determine a person fitness to go back to work.The test is mainly used to measure the physical strength and tolerance to physical tasks, like lifting carrying, standing, walking, kneeling, pulling and determine the chances of returning to work without re-injury.

How is Functional Capacity Evaluation executed?
A skilled evaluator will use tests for the exact individual’s diagnosis, and return to work goal. The step would be to diagnose and determine the cause of injury, visit medication history related to your health and current problems, discover the pain and functional limitations. The therapist will then proceed to the following;

• Touching the area of the problem to check for possible swelling, tissue temperature or any possible defect.
• Check the joints to determine the quality of movement.
• Check for active movement of the muscles and the strength.
• Special test to determine additional problems
• Posture assessment will also be inclusive.

The Functional Evaluation done in Bowie Maryland is essential since it’s important to set up the job positioning for employees. The assessment allows to come up with a return formula for a change in career or come up with a targeted recovery, workers agreement case agreement, impairment position, and the capability to fulfill the job specifications as part of the candidate selection process.

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