A True Innovation In Finance: The Millennial’s Wall Street Journal

It’s been featured in Wired and Forbes magazine. This is the story of how I found out about Finimize and why I started working here.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life when I first started college. At least, I felt pretty confident at the time. But it wasn’t until after many failed experiments with different classes and majors that I finally found myself in business school studying finance, a place in which I would have never imagined myself. I had always thought that finance was for either: A) incredibly smart people or B) incredibly smart and EVIL people. But over the years that strange stigma has vanished and I realized that learning about finance is like learning about anything else, just the topic is a major part of everyone's life.

Either that, or I’m an evil genius. I guess only time will tell. :)

One of the skills that has paid me dividends throughout college is my love for reading. In short — I read everything and anything. So, I was actually excited about what came next. In finance, you quickly learn that it’s essential to stay on top of whats happening in the “markets” or essentially what is going on in the world in relation to businesses and the economy. And Like many business students in college, we were extremely, extreeemly encouraged to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal in order to do so. In fact, in some classes it was basically required in order to complete certain assignments and reports.

Subscribing to a newspaper was my “I’m officially old now” moment.

I remember clicking through the website to subscribe while trying to soak in those last few moments before adulthood officially started… Wait. $32.99 a month? That’s $400 a year. There has been absolutely nothing in my life that I’ve paid $400 for without owning it. I used my college-level googling skills and found they have an introductory offer of 15 weeks for $15 for new college subscribers.

I reluctantly subscribed, and I was 100% right. Getting up early to make sure no one stole my paper in the morning definitely made me feel more mature. Or perhaps that was sleep deprivation.

But soon, like a snap of the fingers, my first semester as an official adult was over and when the dreaded letter came to renew my subscription I knew I needed something different. So, again, I used my awesome googling skills and unearthed a bunch of other business related news subscriptions. Financial Times, the Economist, etc…where is one that fits into my price range of…free? Luckily, I blindly stumbled across a few, including Finimize.

I like Finimize as a college student because 1) you can’t beat the price and 2) it’s short and to the point. As a young professional about to enter the workforce, I enjoy Finimize because it’s clearly written, features the top two news stories, and there is no financial jargon which makes it much easier to understand all of the complex topics and speak intelligently about them. Especially to potential employers. It is, however, still sophisticated enough that even someone already in the industry would benefit from reading it.

But for me what really differentiates Finimize from other similar newsletters is that it’s not a parrot in an echo chamber when it comes to the news. Instead, it explains how each event impacts me. And that’s what I care about: why the financial news matters to me.

So if you don’t have the money to pay for news subscriptions or you don’t have the time to flip through 50 inky pages every morning, sign up for free here. And if you have any questions or comments you can ask me because guess what? I liked Finimize so much that I decided to join them on their mission to empower millennials with the knowledge to take control of their own finances. That’s a mission worth fighting for.

Finimize — pocket size financial news

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