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Hoo boy, where to begin…

“ You think she should “work hard,” “pull herself up by the bootstraps,” and get by on her $9/hr minimum wage job.”
I don’t like seeing single mothers having to work min. wage jobs to support their kids, and I’m sure any rational person would agree. But that doesn’t give you the license to force a private business to pay a certain wage because of their employees’ actions. You don’t get to violate the liberties of a person because of the choices of somebody else.

“You vote for those who block legislation to protect its mother from violence”
Um, wut? There’s already laws in the books that protect women from domestic violence, and in fact there are hundreds of private organizations dedicated to rescuing and protecting women and their kids from such situations. Very telling that the author provides no examples to substantiate her claim

“… from making the same wage as men…”
…yeah the gender pay gap is a myth. Men tend to choose higher paying and more dangerous jobs, work longer hours than women, and are far less likely to leave a career to raise a family. In fact, according to Reach Advisers, single women make, on average, 8% MORE than their single male counterparts in 147 out of the 150 largest US cities.

“… from getting basic healthcare…”
Ah, this is clearly leftist speak for “Universal Healthcare”. Believe it or not, I do wish for everybody to be able to get quality access to healthcare without breaking the bank. That’s why I oppose socialized medicine. That’s why I, for example, support opening the free market on healthcare and encouraging competition among insurance providers so that people can afford to have health insurance and get emergency treatment without going bankrupt. My parents lived in a country for a couple years that has socialized medicine. Queues at health clinics were long, their wait times for even basic services were longer, and the quality of care was generally worse compared to the US. But hey, if having to wait 10 months to get an MRI to look for a potentially malignant brain tumor means you don’t have to pay a dime out of pocket (but you still pay via your tax dollars), then by all means let’s go for it.

“… from getting food stamps and support to care for it.”
I’m not actually against this. I AM against using the government for entitlements as it tends to increase long-term dependence on said entitlements and the government does a crappy job in general in terms of efficiently handling welfare. Americans are by far the most generous people in the world, and there are hundreds of non-profits, churches, and individuals who are willing to step up to assist the poor and needy. The American poor weren’t dying on the streets en mass before food stamps existed. It turned out that void was already being filled by private non-profits.

“ But you vote for those who don’t want to fund public schools. You vote for those who believe our schools are “flushed with cash” yet somehow failing.”
It’s possible to believe that many school systems are underfunded AND that increasing funds doesn’t always improve public schools. On Jan 19, the Department of Education reported that an effort by the Obama Administration to pump billions of dollars into the worst-performing schools failed to produce meaningful results; that is, graduation rates, test scores, and college enrollment were no better than schools who didn’t receive federal funding (source: Washington Post)

“ The wealthier kids that live by it are able to go to different schools, but this fetus is stuck at the public school that is overcrowded, underfunded, and it falls behind in reading and math”
…Which is why I fully support a school choice program for those in under-performing districts. Public school districts spend about $11,000 per student per year to educate them, so why not allow that funding to go with them to a nearby school of their choosing? Surely as somebody who touts themselves as being Pro-Choice, you would want students to be able to choose their own school, right?

“Now it’s 14 years old. It just had its first experience with a boy… So it looks for a Planned Parenthood in its area, but they’ve all been shut down.”
You do realize PP isn’t the ONLY option she has as you infer, right? A 5-minute google search for my local area shows at least a dozen health clinics and pregnancy crisis centers that take in teens that have an unexpected pregnancy. One of the non-profits I personally donate to on a regular basis specializes in giving teens the necessary resources for such a situation and will assist her in either giving up her baby for adoption or raising her child. Meanwhile, Live Action did an experiment where they called 97 Planned Parenthoods to see if they do pre-natal care. 92 of them turned the caller away.

“ Because you‘re not marching for life. You’re marching for religion, and righteousness, and oppressing women with your outdated views of how they should behave.”
Hmm, somebody should relay this message to Secular Pro Life (an atheist organization who opposes abortion) and the hundreds of thousands of women who marched across the US today, because they must’ve missed the memo. So how do you explain the Vegan, Bisexual Atheist featured on WaPo who chose to march?

“ So it gets no prenatal care.”
Again, I reference the Live Action exposé. 97 PP centers contacted, 92 replied back saying they don’t do prenatal care.

“ This time it was given up for adoption. It joins more than 400,000 children in the US foster care system.”
Believe me, the problems with the Foster Care system frustrate me too. But also believe me when I say there are many parents willing to adopt right now. In fact, the lowball estimate of couples willing to adopt is about 1 million, or more than twice the number of kids in foster care (the actual number is likely much higher). The adoption system in the US is long, annoyingly bureaucratic, and very expensive for the adopting couple. If we can work together to help streamline the process and reduce unnecessary costs, I’m willing to bet even more couples would be interested in adoption. Since you seem to be quite concerned for foster kids, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what we can do to fix the system.

Overall, this piece has done nothing to convince me of your arguments. I DO want people to thrive. I DO want to see single mothers succeed and kids to be fed, clothed, and healthy. And that’s why I oppose all of the leftist government solutions for those problems. These aren’t unfixable problems, but it’s gonna take some more personal responsibility on society’s part to go in the right direction. I plan to do my part to help, and I sincerely hope others take the same step. God bless.