Freelancing is difficult. It takes a certain type of person to be your own boss and put yourself out there with everything you have. Entrepreneurship, like freelancing, in the land of uncertainty it eats dreams of independence whole every day. So why do so many people try to do it?te

You put in the hours, do the daily grind; eat, sleep, and breathe your passion. As a business owner you know you can succeed with the right help. As a freelancer and agency, your ability to land jobs is all about introductions and timing. However, any self-made achiever knows it’s hard to land interesting projects all time, and that finding the right job every time is next to impossible… or is it? Portfolio 10 thinks it’s about seeing mutually beneficial connections be made, and knowing how to give you the tools to leverage them in the future.

With social media and smartphones being used constantly, there has to be a better way to channel through the clutter of “here’s a random business that used this freelancer” to the personalized “This is John, our fantastic logo designer who works next door to you”.

Thankfully, Portfolio 10 has stepped up to the plate and designed a solution to create a category for localized freelancing that goes beyond job postings and adverts in your area- its a place to tap into communities of talent you knew existed but couldn’t access to before. The P10 Linkage™ tool identifies relevant opportunities based around your Freelance and Agency skills, and a referral system that presents project opportunities from within networks you have or through mutual connections.

The Portfolio 10 platform is a completely unique experience, designed to form relevant relationships both on and offline as a Freelancer, Agency, or Company. It’s where every project is unique as your brand, and as flexible as you need it to be.

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Lead author: Jess Bainbridge