This fear is an ancestral one, but I wanted to overcome it to know freedom

A person floating in a pool with their right arm outstretched.

II have a fluctuating relationship with swimming. As an adult, I gave it little to no thought, and never questioned why until last summer. When invited to a swimming event by hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, I was forced to address memories I’d compartmentalized for years.

In my childhood, most of my…

It is harmful for Black people to be expected to forgive when White people inflict pain on us

PPatrol officer Amber Guyger was recently found guilty of murdering Botham Jean, whom Guyger shot in his sleep after wrongly assuming he was in her home. Many outlets have referenced White privilege, his mother’s statement, and the light 10-year sentence Guyger received. Another main focus from the verdict has been…

Portia Bartley

Writer of Caribbean descent. Have written for Galdem, Black Ballad, Zora and Level. Read more at

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