The boy who literally broke me

Being a typical young teenager I believed you. I believed everything.. That was my worst mistake.

You were easy to talk to…. Online.

You gave me the attention I thought I needed when no one else would.

You pulled the strings and I played the puppet, you were in complete control.

YOU said those ‘3 little words’ first and convinced me it was real.

You were different in person,

You were socially awkward around me,

unsure of everything and just shy.

But behind the computer screen you were confident, smart, sweet, nice, happy and loving.

Thats where you were most comfortable.

Thats where all the lies were thought of and told.

I opened up about everything,

I told you about all my troubles.

Everything about my life, I told you with confidence. Because i trusted you and ‘Loved you”

I ended it. I slowly stopped liking him because i didn’t see a future between us.

So it stopped. It ended

Months later

Im still talking to you but about your new girl friend.

I foolishly helped you with every fight you had with her

Calmed you down when you would work yourself up

I became your rock when ever life got too hard for you.

And i let that happen, i let you insult me and yet i’d continue to help you

and i became a piece of dirt for you to kick around when ever you got bored.

I eventually stopped replying after months of helping you

Before i said my final goodbye.

You confessed. everything.

making yourself superior to me.

‘It was all an act, i never loved you, i just tried to get you to love me so i could let you down’

‘I didn’t mean anything i ever said to you”

“I was only using you”

Reading these words,

Even after not having feelings for you anymore,

Actually broke me .

And destroyed my faith in boys to this day.

i introduced you to my family.

i went on dates with you.

And none of it was even real for you,

You just enjoyed watching and playing with my feelings.

You had to have the last say.

And you got it, Congratulations. I’m Broken.