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Here is a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes for Portify’s development! The team and the developers are working very hard to make V1 a fast and robust platform that is sustainable in the long term. …

On Sunday 3/10 the first phase of Portify’s Beta will be released. In this phase you will be required to hold 4000 PFY to participate.

You can expect the following features:
— Total portfolio overview
— Track held on-chain tokens
— Track staked on-chain tokens

These are the features that…

We like to thank everyone for participating in the Referral Bot giveaway and the shilling contest. We have got a lot of entries and we are planning on doing more so keep an eye on Portify’s twitter.

Shilling Contest Winners

Here are the two winners for the shilling contest!

@KesharisinhP on Telegram
@Hasu089 on Telegram

Referral Bot Giveaway Winners

Here are the Wallet Addresses of the Referral Bot giveaway winners. The Portify team will airdrop their prize.


Congratulation to all the winners!

Website: https://portify.app
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Portify_
Telegram: https://t.me/Portify

📢Details about the Whitelisting📢

Whitelist opens the 20th of september at 6PM UTC

Whitelist closes the 23rd of september at 8PM UTC

Click here to join the whitelist ✔️

🕵️‍♂️Portify IDO details:

· Hardcap: $175k

· 0–350 BUSD

· Rate: 1 BUSD = 292PFY

· 1 PFY = $0,0034


For all people who want a short summary about Portify but are too lazy or have no time to read the whole white paper, no worries! We will explain what Portify is all about in a few minutes of reading.


Portify is a one-stop DeFi platform where people can track…


Portify is a one-stop DeFi platform

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