V2 Development update — 10/04

This is the development update for Portify’s SocialFi platform.

Hello Portify community! Welcome to another development update post-testing phase release. In the previous week we have focused more on bug fixes and improvement, and in this week it’s more about adding more features to the platform. Let’s dive straight into it.

Today’s update:

— Infinite scroll has been added for the feed
— The mobile menu has been fixed
— A back button has been added
— The calender has been updated
— Registration form update, validation rules for input fields and displaying the correct errors
— When you add post it appears in your feed
— followers/following pages
— create posts from the home page
— Edit profile (it’s almost ready, and will be pushed by the next day)
— Further improvement to the platform
— Small bug fixes

Upcoming update:

— Hashtags
—Hover on profile icon for quick info
— Read/unread notifications
— Further improvement to mobile version
— Hike & Rebyte icons update
— Small bug fixes & quality of life updates

Upcoming Portify updates:

— Portify website update
— “Byte-Me’s” NFTs website
— Road map
— White paper

The SocialFi platform is coming together and it’s being improved week after week. We are getting close to completely finishing the whole SocialFi side of the platform. This is getting us closer to start implementing the DeFi features. As we have stated before the DeFi features of V1 will be completely overhauled and implemented to V2. We will take this opportunity to make the DeFi aspects as good as possible and in the shape we can be proud of.

As always we like to thank our community for their support of the project and daily feedback and suggestion. We will keep on striving to make the best SocialFi platform possible!


Byte: https://byte.portify.app/profile/Portify/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Portifyofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/Portify
Website: https://Portify.app
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RvGgjRWCV4



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