Acceptance from the White Community

Growing up we all want to feel accepted from a community. It may not matter the community, but we all have a special community we want to feel acceptance from.

I have been lucky to have been accepted by the Hispanic community. Nothing better than sticking to my heritage, however, living in the United States of America, I wanted acceptance from one particular community: The Whites.

After a long journey spanning just a little over 19 years, I have reason to believe that I have finally reached the end. I have my golden ticket into the white community. I approached this bag containing the golden ticket. After fighting with the bag for a few minutes, I won and grabbed the contents of the bag. Right there in front of me laid the most pair of Sperry’s I have ever laid my eyes on.

I knew to be white, I would have to do white things. I have always had khakis, button-up shirts and whatever else applies to the white stereotype. I was always missing one key item, that was until just a few weeks ago, I was shopping on Amazon and purchased my Sperry’s. Luckily with Amazon Prime, they were here within two days. Finally, the last piece to feeling acceptance from the whites arrived.

I knew I would have to wear them with no socks, this way ensured that the white community would accept me. As I was finishing slipping on the second shoe, I felt my glamorous golden skin turn into a shimmering paper white tone. I have never felt any whiter in my life before.

My beginning days of being white was tough. I actually picked up an injury. I got a blister on the heel of my foot. It was a pesky little blister but it caused me great agony on my entire day but being white definitely outweighed this blister. I was no longer getting “BUILD THE WALL” yelled at me. In fact, I actually was part of the group to march around and yell “BUILD THE WALL.” I have been accepted as one of their own just because I was wearing Sperry’s. The feeling was amazing. I can now jaywalk without a cop pulling me to the side and giving me a hard time. Now, I jaywalk and the cops just nod and wave to me as they sit there and enjoy their donuts. These shoes have left me mesmerized on how people judge by what you wear. I don’t care now because I have the right stuff. I am no longer pleb status.

Sperry, I just want to thank you for fitting the white person stereotype and selling me these shoes. My life has forever been changed and I am grateful. Thank you. I will be purchasing more in the near future.

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