A Man Under FBI Investigation Is Trying to Take Our Healthcare

Yesterday I woke up and our president, Donald Trump, was still under FBI investigation.

Trump— who FBI Director James Comey discussed as recently as this week as the subject of an active investigation, along with his 2016 election campaign — has also been doing all he can to convince Republicans in the House to pass a healthcare bill, the American Health Care Act/Trumpcare, that would be disastrous for most of the people currently using the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

Not that something like the physical and financial welfare of the majority Americans would outweigh Trump’s maniacal thirst to appear as a winner on the national stage. That neither Trump nor the GOP bothered to wait for a new CBO score to weigh the true estimated impact on Americans from this slightly revised version of Trumpcare was of no concern.

Just like that though, by the end of yesterday, Trumpcare had passed the House of Representatives, resulting in a cigar and Bud Light-soaked Rose Garden celebration by the president and members of the GOP.

On a somewhat related note, in the 1976 book, “The Criminal Personality: A Profile for Change,” author Samuel Yochelson— who studied the behavior of 121 criminal men— found that celebrations are especially common following risky crimes:

There are solid Trumpcare breakdowns floating around, but here are some lowlight bullet points from the LA Times:

  • Trumpcare guts protections for those with pre-existing conditions.
    Whatever the Republicans are trying to spin about covering pre-existing conditions, they’re full of shit. Did we mention rape and domestic violence could qualify as pre-existing conditions? Funny how there aren’t a whole lot of threats to men’s healthcare in this bill, like defining erectile dysfunction or pancreatic cancer as pre-existing conditions.
  • Its high-risk pools are a scam that won’t protect sick Americans.
    They don’t work and they’ve never worked.
  • Even people with employer plans could lose coverage.
    Oh, you get healthcare from your employer? Doesn’t matter.
  • The bill kills Medicaid expansion and cuts traditional Medicaid by a massive $800 billion.
    Sure, decimating healthcare assistance for kids, senior citizens, and the disabled sounds like a great idea.
  • It defunds Planned Parenthood and threatens abortion protections in many states.
    Because this bill wasn’t already evil enough.
  • States could also opt out of Obamacare’s essential health benefits requirement (this via Vox).
    Just in case you were beginning to think you could live with any of this, Trumpcare would make it so insurers in individual states are no longer required to cover things like emergency services, pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse, prescription drugs, preventive care, wellness services, and chronic disease management, and pediatric services, including oral and vision care for children, among other things. Insurers were required to cover all those conditions and services under Obamacare.
  • It’s a poorly disguised tax cut for the rich.
    And here is the most outlandish part. It includes a nearly $1 trillion tax cut to the nation’s highest-income households. For what purpose? How does that relate to healthcare? Us plebs are left to only wonder.

Politico has a pretty good feature about all the arm-twisting that was going on between Trump and House Republicans to move this abomination forward:

“They kept saying, ‘You need to vote! You need to call the vote!’ But we were trying to give this space and time to develop as opposed to a pressure cooker,” said one House Republican aide, according to Politico. “We needed to let this play out a little bit. But the White House just couldn’t let this go.”

Now Trumpcare, a bill bearing the name of a man who is currently being investigated by the FBI, moves to the Senate.

We’ve got no choice but to raise hell and stop it. God help us all.

KW Smith