When the bank says no…

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If you think banks are tight on lending now, just wait. It appears to be getting more and more difficult to get a line of credit for the small business entrepreneur. The entrepreneur in 2020–2021 had their challenges; 2022 is proving to have more challenges with inflation and economic instability.

You don’t want to put your house up for collateral? Sorry, buddy, we just can’t do it without that collateral.

Your credit score is below 700. OUCH! Sorry.

You’ve been in business only 2 years? OUCH! Sorry.

If you’ve heard this a few times before, you should know there are options available to you. An unsecured line of credit or immediate funding isn’t the cheapest option but sometimes it’s what you need to stay afloat to buy new equipment, repair equipment, make payroll or start a new project within your company. Growing pains can be costly.

Have you been in business for at least 6 months?

Have you had at least 5k in MONTHLY GROSS REVENUE for the past 3 months?

If so, there are options. Credit scores are NOT the most important factor our underwriters consider when reviewing your application.

Entrepreneurs are among the hardest working people I know. Go chat with a restaurant owner and ask them how many hours they work every week, when they actually get paid, if they even give themselves a paycheck, if they lose sleep at night wondering about another shutdown or praying they can make payroll next month. It’s not an easy “gig” but without them, where would we be?


If you are looking for a line of credit or funding for your established business, click here and see if you qualify. There is NO CHARGE for an application and it is always a “soft credit pull.” You can get funded in most cases within 24 hours.

SMALL BUSINESS FUNDING USA is available for business owners in all 50 states.





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