Bangalore Days!

Summer 2014

Hi, I usually don’t write much but when I went to Bangalore, my intern group asked me to write more after seeing my medium page that had just one article. So, I decided to write and this time it is about my Bangalore days ☺. I went to Bangalore last summer for my internship at the Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore. Getting through the Indian Academy of Science to IISc for internship is a great experience as IISc is the research hub of India. Where all the research work is started and carried out. At IISc for each and every topic in a major has a lab with all working latest technology and equipments. They have staff for maintaining it and proper guidance by the professors will ease the process of understanding the technology. While I was there for internship I attended initiative lecture talks by Computer Science department on Big-Data in the central hall. These talks are about the current research on the specified topics. The interesting thing about these talks is that anybody even an outsider can attend them. You just need to register for the event on their department website. With these talks they keep the research alive.

The Central hall at IISc

Bangalore is the cleanest, costliest and most importantly a green city. The reason why everyone wants to live in Bangalore is the greenery and the climate. I do believe that Bangalore is costliest but it all depends on where you live. Not all places are as expensive as they sound. But there are places that can drain your wallet in no time. Bangalore is famous for sambhar, filter coffee (which I used to drink twice a day) and Iyengar bakeries. I specially want to talk about the climate. I went to Bangalore in hot summer of May from Ahmedabad, where the temperature is a real challenge for localites. Maximum temperature in many metropolitan cities is around 40–45 but in Bangalore the maximum temperature is around 30–35 and for most of the time it is around 27–29 during day time and 20–22 during the night time. Most of the time when we have really hot summers, we don’t feel like doing anything because of hot humid air, but that’s not the case if you live in Bangalore. You may even tend to roam around in the afternoons. You must be thinking that I am exaggerating, but trust me Bangalore climate is one of the best climates in India and may be that is why most of foreigners come to Bangalore who can be seen in huge numbers in MG Road and Brigade Road.

The greenery of Bangalore

Well I cannot end without talking about the people I met in Bangalore specially professor Balakrishnan and my intern friends “The Balki Team” we named the group as we had worked under Prof. Balakrishnan. It is a great privilege for anyone to work under professor Balakrishnan, we came to know that it is not as easy as it looks to get to work under him. Even though he had a busy schedule involving a lot of meetings with high profile people, Professor Balki used to dedicate his time to talk to us which was very kind of him. After our meetings with him, we get to know lot of things in terms of knowledge and wisdom. His guidance gave proper direction to our work which helped us in finding a way to do research and he mainly talks about how one should maintain the alacrity and dedication to do research. We would get goosebumps when he’d speaks to us. The kind of name that he has and the work he does is really amazing. We all did internship in Supercomputer Education and Research Center(SERC), which was started as a special interest of Dr. Abdul Kalam and professor Balakrishnan being his good friend completed it even after the end of Dr. Adbul Kalam’s term as a president, with abated funds.

SERC at IISc Bangalore

The Internship: We, a group of 7 people worked as summer interns under Prof. Balki. When I went to Bangalore for internship the first person that I met was Harish (the vulnerable hacker) We had planned to come on same day as we got to know each other on facebook. As the vacation period had not started for all the interns at the same time, all of them joined at different times. Then I met Anupriya (the bangal lady :P) then Chirag Nagpal(my buddy ☺, he emailed me before coming to Bangalore asking me about prof and the kind of work he assigns) and after a week, at professors birthday party, I met Priyanka and Sathvik and finally after that, Kamal. When I met priyanka and sathvik on professors birthday party I clearly remember that to celebrate that moment we, all 6 went to Nessara(a restaurant in IISc) and Kamal you missed it :P. We always enjoyed the special parties that we get as we were part of the SERC, specially under Balki sir. People who work under him get lot of good industrial opportunities and admissions for their higher studies in top universities like CMU and we all had the farewell parties of people who are leaving for their higher education. And finally I cannot miss this, the meeting with Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. When we were told about meeting with asked to give presentation to him about our research work, we all had this feeling that will he wouldn’t talk to us or even look at our presentations, given that the department had professors, project assistants and other people who had been working for a very long time and we, the interns, had come just a month back. But that was not the case. We were well prepared for the event and finally the governor arrived. He had come just to meet the people who work under prof. Balki and we are very fortunate to have Prof. Balki as our guide. The most unexpected aspect of the meeting was Balki sir introducing us to him, saying, “Narasimhan these are the new people in our lab. They are summer interns sent to us by Indian Academy of Sciences and why don’t we start with their presentations first” and we were like shocked. We before thought that even if the governor came, he might not listen to us and whoever stands in the front, would have to present their work. But when we had to start first among all the people in lab, we were shocked and everyone was pushing each other to present. But Anupriya dared and started first. The Governor actually listened to the presentation and asked us questions about our work and how it could be improvised in future. Then we came to know that as the governor was the director of Intelligence Bureau he had good knowledge of this kind of stuff. And also the dinner of that day was amazing; it was almost like a small party night.

With Governor E. S. L. Narasimhan and Prof. Balkrishnan

New Friends: In life the real excitement is meeting new people and learning from them. Friends are the ones who influence you the most, the new friends that I made in Bangalore are Priyanka, Anupriya, Chirag, Sathvik, Kamal, Kruthika, Karthik, Avishkar, Jyothish, Harish etc. It was fun to stay in platinum city apartments and the night walks, the CCD, the outings to McDonalds with Priyanka, Kruthika, Karthik and Chirag were all fun filled. We had great fun. The final send off that all my intern friends gave me really touched my heart. That was so kind of them.

The one where all are giving send off to me

Finally I would like wish Chirag for the finals of IET scholarship as he cleared the regional rounds and all the best for Priyanka, Kruthika, Karthik and Harish for placements. Congrats to Anupriya and Sathvik on being placed. And finally thanks to you for reaching the end ☺. Feel free to comment, to let me know about your views on the writing.