Improved and efficient POS solution with Receipt printers

When you are into retail business, you know that the work takes much longer than the customer service hours. It takes much longer to get the shelves organized in comparison to the time taken by customers to disorganize these shelves. This cannot be changed, right? But what can be a great support in establishing your retail business is to find a one stop solution which could satisfactorily handle all your requirements related to point of sale (POS) hardware, POS software and POS supplies. These include everything from a cash register to computer terminals to receipt printers.

Receipt printer plays a pivotal role in making a POS system efficient. Their typical application is for printing credit card slips and customer receipts. They also find use in restaurants for printing off orders back in the kitchen. They make it easy to record each and every transaction and manage inventory effectively.

Epson stands as the market leader offering a wide range of receipt printers, a large variety of which is suitable for the POS system. Here are the key features of some of them. Epson T20 series introduced economical, user-friendly thermal receipt printers. Their no-fuss installation makes them extremely popular in the POS hardware segment.

Epson TM-T20

Epson TM-T20 is the latest energy efficient POS receipt printer with thermal line printing technology. It is economical, convenient, easy to use, easy to install, and Energy Star qualified. This it is a greener choice taking care of the environment with reduced CO2 footprint. It is ergonomically designed to save space and comes with all necessary accessories. Its auto cutter has a long life with best in class reliability.

Epson T82II is a complete package of feature-packed thermal printer most suitable for high volume environments with receipt delivery at a very fast pace. Its wall mount feature makes it convenient to use. For smaller businesses, it can reduce paper usage by up to 30%.

Epson TM-U220B

Epson TM-U220B is mPOS friendly with impact printing technology. It is ideal for kitchen or counters where they can directly print the receipts from iOS, Android as well as Windows mobile devices. This is also a reliable product in the series and is compact and fast. It comes with full or partial cut options with its auto cutter. It has the wall mount option with which the printed receipt comes right-side-up which makes it easy to read the contents as it comes out of the printer. This is 100% compatible with all the best of class POS systems and the latest wireless security protocols.

Envision your retail outlet flourish and cherish finding your one stop solution for POS hardware, POS software and POS supplies.

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