The years of systemic racism might not be over, but the years of unjust oppression and leveling down the loud black voices are on their way to be shattered. Black people aren’t alone and do not want to be alone either. They need allies, and you need to learn how to be one!

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What does the word ally mean? The term is used loosely and often overused & abused by those who have no idea what being an ally is. Black people do not need white people who use the term ally for the sake of using it. They need people who take a stand against the problems borne out of centuries of oppression. …

Hispanics are 20% of the population and only 7% of them are in STEM

Latinas are one of the fastest-growing groups of girls and women in the US. But they have a lower rate of participation and inclusion in STEM. Even after they become STEM professionals, overcoming all the odds & debunking the stereotypes, they continue to face challenges. Whether it is a lack of mentors & role models or it is low salaries and favoritism, Latinas have been struggling twice as hard and working twice as hard as other women (quadruple the rate compared to men) in STEM.

“Latina women are below minorities. They are treated as outsiders. Their achievements are undermined, and their status is still questionable no matter what they do. When you see them on the top or even in the mid-level somewhere, know that they have struggled through the years to be where they are right…

Latinas are as Americans as you are. It is about time we should even stop saying or iterating that.

Latinas have proven time and again that they can do whatever they want to, despite all the hurdles & obstacles. Once they set their mind to something, there is no stopping them. This National Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month, we take our time to honor a few Latina women who not only paved their way to success in STEM but revolutionized it as well.

We have only chosen a few women here, but if we start creating a list, there won’t be enough space. Hence, it is important that not just this month but rather we continue honoring the progress of these women in STEM and their community yearlong. …



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