The truth about buying Instagram followers

Sure you have already seen or heard about the purchase/sale of followers on Facebook, Twitter or Google +, well this practice is also extending to Instagram, which has encouraged us to gather information about the subject to know what is Of truth in this of buying followers in Instagram.

Something that all the websites that offer followers packages for Instagram have in common, is that without doing anything and automatically in 24–48 hours you already have thousands of followers, in addition in all these sites they assure that all the followers that provide are real Instagram users. Obviously, these services have a cost that varies depending on the number of followers you want to buy, offering you packs of up to 100000 followers.

What requirements do you need to buy Instagram followers packs?

To buy any pack you only need to enter your Instagram username (the user profile must always be PUBLIC) and in some cases also an email to confirm the payment.

There are several websites to buying Instagram followers cheap and although most of them only allow you to pay through Paypal, in many of these websites they also offer other means of payment.

Advantages and disadvantages of using these services.

The main and only advantage that we can see that this kind of services can provide (to say it in some way, you will see later on why), is that in just a few hours you can increase your followers by several thousand and this can give an image that You have a popular profile on Instagram and with great luck become a claim for other users.

Actually, it is not far from it as simple as that. Starting, chances are that you buy fans do not interact with your posts, forget about comments on your photos, Likes, mentions or other action you can expect from a normal user. This means that the only thing that actually increases is the number that indicates the followers you have, maintaining your popularity at the same level as before.

Another aspect that should be taken into account before buying followers, is that Instagram can detect that it is a spam attack on your profile, with the consequences that this entails; temporary block of your list of followers (your list of followers will appear empty) and elimination of those followers with false accounts, Instagram reserves the right to eliminate all your followers without previous notice (you can see it here ).

Believe us, such a high increase in your followers will suddenly arouse suspicion on Instagram and you can lose them all. Just a few days ago a user contacted us via email, explaining that suddenly his list of followers appeared empty. The reason? Very simple, I basically go from having one day 400 followers to having more than 1000 the next day, this evidently caused Instagram to eliminate all the followers of their account and believe us, each time they will control it more.

Are the followers they offer real Instagram users?

If already … and we are the Three Wise Men, of course, they are NOT real users and we will explain why.

First, the numbers of followers that are offered in the largest packs (up to 100000 followers) are so exorbitant that they already give you an idea that the system they use would be impossible to control with real users. Do you really think that any of these websites can manipulate 100000 Instagram users to follow the profile of another person at the time they want? It is clear that no.

In addition not only is it pure logic, but there are also clear indicators that show that the accounts of these users are false, such as: that the number of comments, Likes and mentions in your photos remain stagnant and barely rise. The logical thing would be to increase in proportion to your number of followers, but the truth is that this does not happen and hardly changes the activity of your profile.

The sale of followers on Instagram does not stop being a business for the websites that are dedicated to offering this type of packs. These websites have automated systems that allow them to create dozens or even hundreds of accounts in blocks in a few minutes, which means that the less information they have to enter in the account creation form, the easier and faster they will find it.

Although on other platforms this topic is increasingly controlled (for example with verification through SMS or call, connection with other web profiles, use of captcha, etc), the fact is that Instagram is just beginning to take it seriously and he still has much to improve in this regard.


If you think that your profile along with all your followers (REAL), with all your photos, Likes and comments is worth only $ 15, then go ahead, use the easy way and spend that money -as if you buy apples- in one of those pack with 1500 followers and then wait for the Likes and comments to arrive and upload your popularity on Instagram as the foam. We assure you that this is not going to happen, in fact, the most likely thing is that sooner or later Instagram realizes, you lose them all and you stay with 0 followers in your account and with $15 less in your pocket.

Miracles do not exist even if you pay for them, that is, do not expect to pay $15, $40 or $100 to become a relevant Instagram in just 2 days and also have 10,000 or 50000 more followers waiting for you to post photos to fill them with comments or Likes.

In short, if you really want to gain followers on Instagram, get those followers to interact with you or your brand, doing Likes, commenting on your photos or even posting your own photos with your brand’s hashtag, then we’re sorry to tell you that only get with time and effort.