I used to be so creative. What happened? I have stories upon stories on my old desktop. All of them creative, all of them different, each one unique and original. Why can’t I do that anymore? Maybe I should take inspiration from my old work and just go from there. That’s not cheating right? I mean it still is my work — right?

Now I can’t get my creative juices flowing, almost nothing seems original anymore. Nothing that I come up with anyways. Everything always has too many similarities.

“Well I like your story and all but it sounds an awful like — ”

“It’s cool but I feel like it’s been done before.”

Got it. I know. It’s overused. I’m not creative anymore. Everything I create now has already been done. How can an artist like me — one out of millions — possibly make something original? All of my old work is original but it’s cheesy. I want something new, something raw, something different.

I guess that’s the problem in the end, that’s what everyone wants, it’s what everyone is striving for. So it’s not wonder my ideas are anything but. Different isn’t different anymore, everyone wants to stand out. I know in the end I should just make thing’s I’m proud of and not try to please everyone or amaze viewers, but I guess I can’t help it.

I guess I’m not creative anymore. It happens. People can lose it, I assume.

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