States would keep the Dashboard clean with actually the real screen flow and hide necessary complexity within a logical context when it’s needed (progressive disclosure). These states would be completely independent screens in regards to assets, colors or comments, with the only exception being tags (as the states wouldn’t show up in the Dashboard as seperate screens)
Zeplin App Redesign Project
Raphael Loder

Easily one of my favorite ideas here. However, I would actually prefer to have tags be independent as well. This especially because I’ve often had scenarios where I’m comparing multiple versions of the same state (e.g. Button hover state 1, button hover state 2, etc.). Being able to do this by quickly selecting the screens tagged with both “button” and “hover” would be ideal.

Also, I’d love for the States to act like folders in the Dashboard view. They still allow for a logical grouping, while allowing their child screens to retain their independent attributes.

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