Possess joy

At an event, I had the pleasure of hosting a table that focused on joy. I asked passersby to write on a flipchart where they found their joy.

To my delight, the first person stopped, smiled, and wrote “Jesus.” Most wrote “grandchildren” and “family.”

I watched men and women take the pen, smile, and write about their joy. Some giggled and hugged their friends or spouses. Children grabbed the pen from their mothers and proudly noted their joy.

They pointed to the hearts and scribbles that others had written and smiled at each other.

I encouraged one man to share his joy on the flipchart, and he shook his head, “No.”

I smiled and said, “I know you have joy. Won’t you share it with us?”

“I don’t have any joy,” and he walked away. But he turned around and watched others.

About 30 minutes later, he walked up, reached for the marker, and smiled, “My granddaughter.” He told me about his significant troubles, and I encouraged him to remember his granddaughter when he struggled with those trials.

He had found his joy in the midst of his troubles.

There was something special about writing on this communal memorial to joy.

My prayer

Father, thank You that You have set joy before Your children in abundance. Help us to spread Your joy to others and to revel in the joy in Your hand and the joy set before us. We love You, Lord.

Where do you find your joy?

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