Do What You Can

Annette McGee
Apr 25, 2018 · 3 min read
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On occasion, I think of myself as lazy.

This is MY head talking and making judgments.

Mind you, this is solely based on an illusion that I am not doing and working hard enough.


Let Me Clarify…A Pronouncement.

Sometimes I am bumping, grinding, cooking and swinging,

And then, other times it’s slogging along and feeling like I am about to give birth — — Painful.

If I could twitch my nose like a witch, I would get lots of sh*t done.

Alas, I am not a witch.

Swimming in The Micro and Macro of Copious Amount of Information

Somewhere along this journey, I became aware of my affinity to processes.

I thought of how to adapt concepts into simple systems of living.

In search of, I found massive amounts of advice on how to achieve exponential productivity and success.

I admit I prefer not to reinvent the wheel or engage in busy-work.

Tips, tricks and hacks were plentiful, easily accessible to assist a person to step up their game.

Understand, I think this is great.

But, don’t believe the hype, It’s a Sequel!

This is YOU work.

One needs to understand their ebb, flow, and rhythms to put forth their best.

I Love the Smell of Possibilities in the Morning

This has been a good and bad thing for me.

I will go off half-cocked chasing an idea just to leave it after the sparkle has dulled (I can fall victim to shiny-thing syndrome!).

Now I get stuff done and in a way which suits me best.

Not through some strict adherence to other’s methods, systems and processes but through the incorporation of what works for me.

This new and constructed process is based on my knowledge of how I learn and work.

An Admission I Must Make

I recall a former doctoral instructor making this assertion of laziness (side note: she has “2” doctorates).

I had two very interesting thoughts in response to her statement.

First, I was aghast anyone would admit this about themselves (I’m of an older persuasion, we don’t usually voice our weaknesses out loud!)

Second, I felt a sense of awe at her candid declaration.

Who can admit this better than ourselves?

I think we are all lazy in our own ways.

Maybe, some more so than others.

How You Learn, Work & Live….Your Ladder of Inference

The ladder of inference is a model illustration of the thinking process.

We will make inferences about ourselves and our situations based on our personal perspectives.

This is meaning-making.

We attempt to make sense of our circumstances, situations, and people in order to take action.

Essentially, it is our effort to make sense of ….. life.

So, please do not do the MEntal BEATdown when you make faulty inferences about what’s happening with your productivity,

AND on a deeper level……life for that matter.

Your learning, working and living will ebb and flow, and does not need to match a guru’s claims explicitly.

It’s a GameChanger

The work is always about YOU.

And, the level of willingness and surrender put forth for learning and growing to do, be and have better.

Your circus, your monkeys! Do what you can!

Every action taken can be a positive one to move forward.

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No Time For Pretense

Life is short and worthy of deep contemplation.

I grow bolder, wiser.

I’m no spring chicken and I also know I’m not done yet.

I have come to understand life is about intention, focus, and commitment in all matters.

So, Act.

Make a move.

Do something, no matter how small the action.

Start where you are. Have Faith & Step Out.

Teddy Roosevelt said it best….”Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

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