Building Back Better with Technology

Mar 28, 2016 · 4 min read
Our Healthcare Systems Engineer Anant, registering patients in our Electronic Health Record.
A line forms at a hospital hub our team re-opened in Dolakha District, where 87% of healthcare facilities were damaged after the earthquakes earlier this year.

At our core, we are implementers, which, in a world of deep socioeconomic divides, necessitates us to be provider-advocates. To shape the direction of rebuilding, to advance the dialogue of healthcare systems strengthening, and to move forward social equity, we must build back not how things originally were, but how they ought to be.

“The opportunity it presents for seamless integration between facility-based and home-based care for improving population level outcomes is exciting. Care shouldn’t stop when a patient leaves the facility — an effective care and follow-up mechanism that the EHR facilitates is essential to our durable healthcare model.”

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